Application Details

Application Number 46
Geographical Indications Kashmir Pashmina
Status Registered
Applicant Name TAHAFUZ(Registered Under the J & K Societies Act)
Applicant Address TAHAFUZ, (Registered Under the J & K Societies Act, Registration Number : 5611-S/2007) Nowshera, Zadibal, P.O. Nowshera, Distt. Srinagar - 190 011, Jammu & Kashmir., Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir, INDIA, 190 011
Date of Filing 09/12/2005
Class 23, 24, 25
Goods Handicraft
Geographical Area Jammu & Kashmir
Priority Country India
Journal Number 13
Availability Date 18/09/2006
Certificate Number 97
Certificate Date 12/09/2008
Registration Valid Upto 08/12/2025

Document Details

Document Name
Document Date
146 - GI - Quality Manual - 25-03-2019 25/03/2019
246 - GI - Reply to Renewal Notice - 07-01-2016 07/01/2016
346 - GI - Renewal Notice - 05-01-2015 05/01/2015
446 - Certificate of Registration - 12-09-2008 12/09/2008
546 - GI - Certificate Map - 12-09-2008 12/09/2008
646 - Reply to Examination Report - 01-12-2006 01/12/2006
746 - Examination Report - 25-08-2006 25/08/2006
846 - GI - Journal Copy - 01-08-2006 01/08/2006
946 - GI - Minutes of CGM - 17-05-2006 17/05/2006
1046 - GI - PPT of CGM Assesment - 17-05-2006 17/05/2006
1146 - Reply to FCR by Applicant - 15-02-2006 15/02/2006
1246 - Formality Check Report - 09-01-2006 09/01/2006
1346 - GI - Affidavit 2 - 09-12-2005 09/12/2005
1446 - GI - Affidavit 3 - 09-12-2005 09/12/2005
1546 - GI - Affidavit 4 - 09-12-2005 09/12/2005
1646 - GI - Affidavit 5 - 09-12-2005 09/12/2005
1746 - GI - Affidavit 6 - 09-12-2005 09/12/2005
1846 - GI - Annex B - 09-12-2005 09/12/2005
1946 - GI - Annex C - 09-12-2005 09/12/2005
2046 - GI - Annex D - 09-12-2005 09/12/2005
2146 - GI - Annex E - 09-12-2005 09/12/2005
2246 - Statement of Case - 09-12-2005 09/12/2005
2346 - Map - 09-12-2005 09/12/2005
2446 - Form GI-1 - 09-12-2005 09/12/2005
2546 - Affidavit - 09-12-2005 09/12/2005
2646 - GI - Form of Authorisation of Agents - 09-12-2005 09/12/2005
2746 - GI - Logo - 09-12-2005 09/12/2005

Authorized User Details

Authorized User No
Authorized User Name
Authorized User Address
1AU / 362 / GI /46 / 1M/s. Kashmir Silk Producers Co-operative Limited1st Floor, Near Boys Hr. Secondary School, Bilal Colony, Soura,Registered
2AU / 1610 / GI /46 / 2Mr. Mohammad Saleem SofiVillage & post: Rathpora, Eidgah, SafakadelRegistered
3AU / 1611 / GI /46 / 3Mr. Monzoor Ahmad PahalwanR/o. Malapora, Wantapora, Sazgaripora, HawalRegistered
4AU / 1612 / GI /46 / 4Mr. Ghulam Hassan HafizR/o. Rathpora EidgahRegistered
5AU / 1613 / GI /46 / 5Mr. Javaid Ahmad MirVillage & Post: Bangertang, Narwara, Edigah, Behind Govt. Secondary School for BoysRegistered
6AU / 1614 / GI /46 / 6Mr. Syed Nisar AhmadVillage & Post: Khaiwan, NarwaraRegistered
7AU / 1615 / GI /46 / 7Mr. Mohammad Hayat WaniVillage & Post: Lokhripora, NowsheraRegistered
8AU / 1616 / GI /46 / 8Mr. Nisar Ahmad BhatR/o. Dulla Bagh, SouraRegistered
9AU / 1617 / GI /46 / 9M/s. Kashmir Handmade Pashmina Promotion Trust (KHPPT)Village & Post: Mir Mangil, Near Govt. Boys High School, Narwara, EidgahRegistered
10AU / 1618 / GI /46 / 10M/s. Pashmir - the Pashmina Traditions of KashmirR/o. Bangertang Narwara
11AU / 1619 / GI /46 / 11M/s. Kashmir Handmade Pashmina Company (KHPC)R/o. Narwara Eidgah
12AU / 1620 / GI /46 / 12Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad MirR/o. Rathpora Eidgah Safakadal
13AU / 1621 / GI /46 / 13Mr. Manzoor Ahmad MirVillage & Post: Tengpora,Zoonimar,Soura,Registered
14AU / 1756 / GI /46 / 14Mr. Tariq Ahmad SofiVillage & Post: Rathpora, Eidgah, Safa KadalRegistered
15AU / 1757 / GI /46 / 15Mr. Abdul Aziz LoneZoonimar, EidgahRegistered
16AU / 1758 / GI /46 / 16Mr. Hakeem Gulam Rasool Shah,Village & Post: Rath Pora, EidgahRegistered
17AU / 1759 / GI /46 / 17Mr. Manzoor Ahmad DarVillage & Post: Rathpora Eidgah SafakadalRegistered
18AU / 1760 / GI /46 / 18Mr. Mohammad Rafiq SofiVillage & Post: Rathpora, Eidgah, SafakadalRegistered
19AU / 1765 / GI /46 / 19M/s. Jan Handicrafts, Represented by Mr. Altaf Hussain JanVillage & Post: Alamgari BazarRegistered
20AU / 1766 / GI /46 / 20Mr. Haji Ali Mohammad BhatR/o. House No. 179, Buchpora Elahi Bagh Road
21AU / 1767 / GI /46 / 21Mr. Ghulam Mohammad MirVillage & Post: Khaiwan Narwara Iddgah
22AU / 1768 / GI /46 / 22M/s. Mir Pashmina House, Represented by Mr. Mohammad Shafi MirVillage & Post: Ali Pora, New Bota Kadal Lal BazarRegistered
23AU / 1769 / GI /46 / 23M/s. Shaw and Brothers, Represented by Mr. Mubashir Ahmad ShawTara Bhawan BoulwardRegistered
24AU / 1770 / GI /46 / 24M/s. Khajawaal Arts, Represented by Mr. Manzoor Ahmad KhajwaalKhajawaal House, H.No. 66, Kanitar ChowkRegistered
25AU / 1771 / GI /46 / 25M/s. Al Buraq Fabrics, Represented by Mr. Mohammad Hussain MirVillage & Post: Khaiwan, Narwara, EidgahRegistered
26AU / 1772 / GI /46 / 26Mr. Javid Ahmad MagrayVillage & Post: Gilli Kadal, Zoominar Near B.S.N.L. TowerRegistered
27AU / 1773 / GI /46 / 27M/s.Ishique Shawls, Represented by Ishtiaq Ahmad PhalgarooNaid Kadal, KalaldooriRegistered
28AU / 1774 / GI /46 / 28Mr. Majid Ahmad MirVillage & Post: Khaiwan, NarwaraRegistered
29AU / 1775 / GI /46 / 29M/s. Odds & Ends, Represented By-Mr. Ashiq Ahmed BeighVillage & Post: Naribal, Bota Kadal, Lal BazarRegistered
30AU / 1776 / GI /46 / 30Shri. Ajaz Ahmad KapraVillage & Post: H.No.42,Kanitar Lane No-5, Naseemabad SaderbalRegistered
31AU / 1777 / GI /46 / 31M/s. Gulzar P. Shawl HouseR/o. Vicharnaq,Bismillah Book Shop, Nawshara
32AU / 1778 / GI /46 / 32M/s. Mubarikz, Represented BY- Syed Mubarik KashaniVillage & Post: H.No.171, Lane-04, Sector - 3, Gulberg Colony, Hyderpora,Registered
33AU / 1779 / GI /46 / 33Mr. Abdul Rashid MagrayVillage & Post: Gilli Kadal, ZoorimarRegistered
34AU / 1780 / GI /46 / 34Mr. Manzoor Ahmad RatherVillage & Post: Khaja Poura 'B', Nowshera
35AU / 1781 / GI /46 / 35M/s. Paradise Crafts, Represented by Mr. Syed Suhai AbbasNawab Bagh Baghwan Pora, Lal Bazar
36AU / 1782 / GI /46 / 36Mr. Shabir Ahmad BhatVillage & Post: Amdakadal Near Airtel TowerRegistered
37AU / 1783 / GI /46 / 37Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad BeighVillage & Post: Guzarbal, Chattabal Patlipora BalaRegistered
38AU / 1784 / GI /46 / 38M/s. Imperial Arts & Crafts (P) Limited, Represented By - Mr. Gowhar BashirVillage & Post: Nowshera, Khawaja Pora -B,Registered
39AU / 1785 / GI /46 / 39Mr. Zaffar Iqbal BhatVillage & Post: Amda Kadal Near Airtel TowerRegistered
40AU / 1786 / GI /46 / 40Mr. Farooq Ahmed GaniaeVillage & Post Gander Pora, EidgahRegistered
41AU / 1787 / GI /46 / 41M/s. Pashmina Shawls, Represented By Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Reshi,Village & Post: Dr. Ali Jan Road, Tengapora ZoonimarRegistered
42AU / 1788 / GI /46 / 42Mr. Fayaz Ahmad DarVillage & Post: Nassrullah Pora, Near Masjid Baba NaseebudinRegistered
43AU / 1789 / GI /46 / 43M/s. Cashmere Trading, Represented by Mr. Manzoor Ahmad TrombooVillage & Post: Tromboo Villa, Bismillah Colony, ZakuraRegistered
44AU / 1790 / GI /46 / 44M/s. Shaw Brothers (MS)Village & Post: The Bund PoloviewRegistered
45AU / 1791 / GI /46 / 45Mr. Abdul Rashid MagrayGilli Kadal, Zoonimar
46AU / 1792 / GI /46 / 46Mr. Mohammad Maqbool SheikhVillage & Post: Noor Bagh-Baghwan PoraRegistered
47AU / 1793 / GI /46 / 47Mr. Farooq Ahmed RatherKhawja Pora 'B', Nowshera
48AU / 1794 / GI /46 / 48M/s. Shaw Brothers - H, Represented by Mr. Mohammad Hussain ShawVillage & Post: Tara Bhawan Bolevard RoadRegistered
49AU / 1795 / GI /46 / 49M/s. Shaw Brothers (H), Represented by Mrs. Azara ShawVillage & Post: Tara Bhawn, Bolevard RoadRegistered
50AU / 1796 / GI /46 / 50M/s. Shaw Brothers (H), Represented by Mr. Yasir Hussain ShawVillage & Post: Tara Bhawan, Bolevard RoadRegistered
51AU / 1797 / GI /46 / 51M/s. Shaw Brothers (H), Represented by Ms. Suzana ShawVillage & Post: Tara Bhawan, Bolevard RoadRegistered
52AU / 1798 / GI /46 / 52M/s. A.R. Shawls, Represented by Mr. Abdul Rashid ParimooVillage & Post: House No. 50, Lane No. 1, Umar Colony (B), Lal BazarRegistered
53AU / 1799 / GI /46 / 53Mr. Mohammad Ashraf WaniVillage & Post: Khaiwan Narwara Near Masjid Sharif KhaiwanRegistered
54AU / 1800 / GI /46 / 54M/s. Haleesh International, Represented By Mrs. Saleema waniKhajabagh ZakuraRegistered
55AU / 1801 / GI /46 / 55M/s. Crafted in Kashmir Represented By - Ms. Maham Shabir,Village & Post: School enclave, Old Airport Road, RawalporaRegistered
56AU / 1802 / GI /46 / 56M/s. Shaw Brothers - GSGulam Saydain Shaw, Dr. Alijan Shopping Plaza, M.A. Road
57AU / 1858 / GI /46 / 57Mr. Fayaz Ahamad margayVillage & Post: 174, Gilli Kadal, ZoonimarRegistered
58AU / 1859 / GI /46 / 58Mr. Mohammad Rafiq WarVillage & Post: 217, Gilli Kadal, ZoonimarRegistered
59AU / 1860 / GI /46 / 59Mr. Farooq Ahmad ShahVillage & Post: Chiner, Kangan
60AU / 1861 / GI /46 / 60M/s. Cresset Shawls Emporium, Represented by Mr. Bashir Ahmad MisgerHouse, No.1, Umer Colony 'A' Lal Bazar near Salfia Masjid, Bus StopRegistered
61AU / 1862 / GI /46 / 61M/s. Cresset Shawls Emporium, Represented by Mr. Meiraj-ud-din Misger,Village & Post: Umer Colony 'A' Near Salfia Masjid Lal-BazarRegistered
62AU / 1863 / GI /46 / 62M/s. Cresset Shawls Emporium, Represented by Mr. Mohammad Amin MisgerVillage & Post: Sheribhat, Gilli Kadal NowsheraRegistered
63AU / 1864 / GI /46 / 63Mr. Jan Mohammad ShahVillage & Post: Idgah, Near Masjid Bilal RaRegistered
64AU / 1865 / GI /46 / 64M/s. Natweave Textile Studio, Represented by Mr. Subhabrata SadhuVillage & Post: C-7, Eastend Apts, Mayur Vihar Ph - 1, ExtnRegistered
65AU / 1866 / GI /46 / 65M/s. Kashmir Handlooms, Represented by Mr. Ajaz Ahmad AshaiVillage & Post: Rather Complex, M.A. Link Road, MunawarabadRegistered
66AU / 1867 / GI /46 / 66Mr. Nisar Ahmad KhanVillage & Post:New Colony, Haka Bazar, Badamwari, HawalRegistered
67AU / 1868 / GI /46 / 67Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad KhanVillage & Post: New Colony Haka Bazar, BadamwariRegistered
68AU / 1869 / GI /46 / 68M/s. Kaloo Handicrafts Industry, Shri. Mohammad Yousuf KalooArampora, Bota Kadal Lal Bazar
69AU / 1870 / GI /46 / 69M/s. Pashmina Sales Center, Represented by - Syed Hassan Rizvi & Syed Mohamed Shafi Rizvi,Village & Post: Ali Pora, Baghi Ali Mardan Khan, Masjid Lane Opposite Bisute MillRegistered
70AU / 1871 / GI /46 / 70M/s. Reshi Shawls, Represented By Mr. Fayaz Ahmad ReshiVillage & Post: Qasmia Lane, Botshah Mohalla, Lal BazarRegistered
71AU / 1875 / GI /46 / 71Mr. Abdul Qayoom KhanVillage & Post: Inside Kathi Darwaza Mohalla Ashraf Khan, RainawariRegistered
72AU / 1876 / GI /46 / 72Mr. Ghulam Mohammad ReshiVillage & Post: Buch Mohalla, Rajouri KadalRegistered
73AU / 1877 / GI /46 / 73M/s. Reshi & Reshi, Represented By Mr. Ehsan ReshiVillage & Post: Buch Mohalla, Rajouri KadalRegistered
74AU / 1878 / GI /46 / 74Mr. Fayaz Ahmad WaniKani Hama, MagamRegistered
75AU / 1879 / GI /46 / 75M/s. Imperial Shawls & Apparels, Represented by Mrs. Naheed Shaukat214-Pazalpur, Shalimar
76AU / 1880 / GI /46 / 76M/s. Umer Dar Shawls, Represented by Mr. Farooq Ahmad DarShaheem, Mohalla Noor BaghRegistered
77AU / 1881 / GI /46 / 77M/s. H.B. Shawls, Represented by Mr. Mehraj-ud-din Hafiz & Mr. Niyaz Ahmad HafizKawdara Chowk, Nallimar RoadRegistered
78AU / 1882 / GI /46 / 78M/s. Suhail Arts & Craft, Represented by Mr. Suhail MehrajNawakadal, Dangerpora
79AU / 1883 / GI /46 / 79M/s. Fancy Shawls, Represented By Mr. Farooq Ahamed WaniVillage & Post Rathpora, Eidgah SafakadalRegistered
80AU / 1884 / GI /46 / 80M/s. Mubarak Shawls, Represented By Mr. Sajad Ahmad KhanVillage & Post: Lal Bazar, Near Masjid RehmatRegistered
81AU / 1885 / GI /46 / 81M/s. A.Tromboo & Co, Represented By Mr. Ajaz Hussain TrombooVillage & Post: Main Road, Botakadal, Lal Bazar,Registered
82AU / 1886 / GI /46 / 82Mr. Mohammad Yousuf DarVillage & Post: Gilli Kadal, Zoonimar, NowsharaRegistered
83AU / 1887 / GI /46 / 83Mr. Mohammad Maqbool DarVillage & Post: Gilli Kadal, Zoonimar, NowsheraRegistered
84AU / 1888 / GI /46 / 84Mr. Irfan Habib DaggaVillage & Post: Daga Mohalla, Bagh Jogi Lanker, RainawariRegistered
85AU / 1889 / GI /46 / 85M/s. Royal Kashmir Craft, Represented by Mrs. Muniba Manzoor BeighVillage & Post: Kanitar, Naseemabad, SaderbalRegistered
86AU / 1890 / GI /46 / 86Mr. Arif Sultan AllaieVillage & Post: SakidarfarRegistered
87AU / 1891 / GI /46 / 87M/s. Irfan Handicrafts,Represented By Mr. Ab. Majeed Bhat,village & Post: B.K. Darwaza, RainawariRegistered
88AU / 1892 / GI /46 / 88M/s. Kohimaran Impex,Represented By Mrs. Asifa Mubeen,Village & Post: National Highway Sonwar (Present address) Buchwara "Alson Manzil"Registered
89AU / 1893 / GI /46 / 89M/s. Numan Textiles, Represented By Mr. Javid Ahmad MagrayVillage & Post: Gilli Kadal, ZoonimarRegistered
90AU / 1894 / GI /46 / 90M/s. Heritage Handicrafts,Represented By Mr. Abdul Qayoom BegiVillage & Post: Kanitaar, Naseemabad SaderabalRegistered
91AU / 1895 / GI /46 / 91M/s. Oriental Handicrafts Exposition, Represented by Mr. Dilshada QayoomVillage & Post: Kanitaar, Naseemabad SaderabalRegistered
92AU / 1896 / GI /46 / 92M/s. Kashmir Heritage Exposition, Represented by Mr. Manzoor Ahmad BeighVillage & Post: Kanitaar, Naseemabad, SaderabalRegistered
93AU / 1901 / GI /46 / 93M/s Rugs International JK, Mrs. SidiqaVillage & Post: Sazgaripora, HawalRegistered
94AU / 1902 / GI /46 / 94M/s. Rugs International JK, Mr. Zahoor Ahmad KhanVillage & Post: Sazgaripora, HawalRegistered
95AU / 1903 / GI /46 / 95M/s. Mir Crafts, Mr. Mir Mushafiq AzizVillage & Post: Hawal Opposite Firdous Cinema, W.No.8, Post: NowsheraRegistered
96AU / 1904 / GI /46 / 96M/s. Blue Berry International, Mr. Zahoor Ahmad KhanNo.164, Sazgaripora, Hawal, P.O - S.R.Gunj, P.S - Zadibal,Registered
97AU / 1908 / GI /46 / 97Pride Kashmir,Syed Musadiq ShahGupth Ganga, Ishper Ishart, Presently R. No. 11B 2nd Floor, Boulevrard Complex, Boulevrard Road
98AU / 1909 / GI /46 / 98M/s. Kashyaps, Represented by Mr. Sanjay Saigal, S/o. Inder Nath SaigalNo.33, Goggi Bagh
99AU / 1912 / GI /46 / 99M/s. Cottage Carpet Industries Represented by Mr. Abdul Rashid BandayH.No.218, Firdous Colony Main Road, Buchpora
100AU / 1913 / GI /46 / 100M/s. Cottage Handicrafts Exposition Represented by Mr. Nayeem Rashid BandayH.No.218, Firdous Colony Main Road, Buchpora
101AU / 1914 / GI /46 / 101M/s. Trueroots Impex Pvt, Ltd, Represented by Shri. Lokesh Kishan BhojwaniNo.312/A, Wave Silver Tower, Sector - 18
102AU / 1915 / GI /46 / 102Mr. Tabish Ashraf BazazVillage & Post: Khajapora, Nowshera
103AU / 1991 / GI /46 / 103M/s. Numani Welfare Trust, Represented by Mr. Javid Masood PurraIndustrial Estate, Baghi Ali Mardan Khan
104AU / 1992 / GI /46 / 104M/s. Silk Route Handicrafts, Represented by Mr. Bilal Mudasir HassanVillage & Post: Gousia Mohalla, Umer Colony ‘A’ Lal-Bazar
105AU / 1993 / GI /46 / 105M/s. Chinar Kashmir Textiles Private Limited, Represented by Mr. Mohammad Shafi KhanVillage & Post: Soura Near Petrol Pump
106AU / 1994 / GI /46 / 106M/s. Craft Cottage Industries, Represented by Mr. Syed Aijaz HussainVillage & Post: Masjid Lane, Dewan Colony Ishber Nishat
107AU / 1995 / GI /46 / 107M/s. Pashmina Traders, Represented by Mr. Mohammad Ashraf MirFirdous Colony, Iddgah, Lane No. 3, H. No. 2
108AU / 1996 / GI /46 / 108Mr. Shabir Ahmad ParryVillage & Post: Bakura, Alasteng, Ganderbal
109AU / 2068 / GI /46 / 109M/s. Hakak Trading, Represented by Mr. Mohammad Mujtaba HakakVillage & Post: Iddgah, Tangbagh
110AU / 2069 / GI /46 / 110M/s. Blossom Crafts Pvt. Ltd, Represented by Mr. Faisal ShawNo. 215, Dr. Alijan Plaza, M.A. Road
111AU / 2070 / GI /46 / 111Mr. Mohammad Ayoub NajarVillage & Post: Zoonimar, Tangpora
112AU / 2073 / GI /46 / 112M/s. Dar Pashmina House, Represented by Mr. Hayat Ahmad DarGratabal Nawakadal
113AU / 2075 / GI /46 / 113M/s. Jaffar Mir & Sons, Represented by Mr. Bashir Ahmad MirKhewan, Narwara
114AU / 2076 / GI /46 / 114M/s. Design Collections, Represented by Mr. Muntazir Hussain MirHassanabad, Near Bargah Rainawari
115AU / 2077 / GI /46 / 115M/s. Mir Asian Crafts, Represented by Akther Hussain MirNo.250, Hassanabad Near Hussaini Park, Rainawari
116AU / 2078 / GI /46 / 116M/s. Cottage Industry of Kashmir, Represented by Mr. Ghulam Mohammad SofiKhwajayarbal, Saidakadal
117AU / 2079 / GI /46 / 117M/s. Pashme Ladakh, Represented by Mr. Imran RashidLane # 1, 22-Firdous Colony, Buchpora
118AU / 2080 / GI /46 / 118Mr. Amir RasoolKhanda Bhawan, Nawakadal
119AU / 2081 / GI /46 / 119Mr. Mohammad Lateef ShahDana Mazar, Safakadal
120AU / 2082 / GI /46 / 120M/s. Safara Wool Raffal Pashmina And Cotton (ICS) Ltd, Represented by Mr. Noor-ul-Huda KotaInside Kathi Darwaza, Mumkhan, Rainawari
121AU / 2083 / GI /46 / 121M/s. Unique Handloom Cottage Industries, Represented by Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad KotaInside Kathi Darwaza, Mumkhan, Rainawari
122AU / 2085 / GI /46 / 122M/s. SAE Exports INCChari Boni, Shalimar Road
123AU / 2086 / GI /46 / 123M/s. Shah Arts Emporium, Represented by Mr. Syed Masood Ahmad ShahChari Boni, Shalimar Road
124AU / 2087 / GI /46 / 124M/s. Ali Shah, Represented By Mr. Abdul Rashid ShahNo. 3, Nageen Lake Road
125AU / 2114 / GI /46 / 125M/s. Al-Araf, Represented by Mr. Hadi HussainSikh Bagh, Lal Bazar, Near Masjid Hubbi
126AU / 2115 / GI /46 / 126M/s. Wani Pashmina Shawl Embroidery, Represented by Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad WaniSheikh Mohalla, Soura
127AU / 2116 / GI /46 / 127M/s. G.N. Baba Shawls, Represented by Mr. Ghulam Rasool BabaNeelam House, Zaripora, Zoonimar, Nowshera
128AU / 2146 / GI /46 / 128Mr. Niyaz Ahmad HafizH. No. 28, Umer Colony 'B' Lane No. 2, Lal Bazar
129AU / 2147 / GI /46 / 129M/s. A.K. Handicrafts, Represented By Mr. Asif Hassan KhanDhobiwan, Tangmarg, Gulmarg Road
130AU / 2177 / GI /46 / 130Craft World, Represented By Mehraj-ud-din KhanH. No. 499, Rathpora, Eidgah
131AU / 2178 / GI /46 / 131Incredible Kashmiri Crafts, Represented By Ms. Arifa JanZadi Musjid, Saffakadal
132AU / 2250 / GI /46 / 132Consortium Handloom ClusterNarwara, Eidgah
133AU / 2251 / GI /46 / 133Mr. Nisar Ahmad BhatUmar Colony - B Lane No. 3, Lal Bazar
134AU / 2252 / GI /46 / 134Kashmir Oriental Craft Industries, Represented By Mr. Muzaffar Majid JanQureshi Lane, Lal Bazzar
135AU / 2253 / GI /46 / 135Kashmir Trade Centre, Represented By Mr. Syed Altaf Ahmad AndrabiMir Mohalla Malaratta, Near Jamia Majid
136AU / 2254 / GI /46 / 136Cottage Hand Woven Handicrafts Exposition, Represented By Nasreen Rashid Banday218/B Firdous Colony Main Road Buchpora
137AU / 2258 / GI /46 / 137Mr. Mohd Iqbal GanieZoonimar, Pazalpora
138AU / 2287 / GI /46 / 138M/s. Gee Emm Arts and Crafts Represented By Mr. G.M. BabaTengapora, Zoonimar
139AU / 2288 / GI /46 / 139Mr. Mohammad Latif BudooNarwara, Iddgah
140AU / 2289 / GI /46 / 140Mr. Fayaz Ahmed KhanFirdous Colony, Alijan Road, Iddgah
141AU / 2290 / GI /46 / 141Mr. Mohammad Ashraf BhatBahauddin Sahib, Nowhatta
142AU / 2291 / GI /46 / 142Mr. Rouf Ahmad QureshiNarwara, Iddgah
143AU / 2292 / GI /46 / 143Mr. Abdul Qayoom SalatiNarwara, Iddgah
144AU / 2293 / GI /46 / 144Mr. Farooq Ahmed BhatMalapora, Wantpora
145AU / 2294 / GI /46 / 145Mr. Mohammad Shafi MirKhaiwan, Narwara, Iddgah
146AU / 2295 / GI /46 / 146Mr. Fayaz Ahmed BhatMalapora, Wantpora
147AU / 2296 / GI /46 / 147Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad SalatiNarwara, Iddgah
148AU / 2297 / GI /46 / 148Mr. Faheem Arajmand SalatiNarwara, Iddgah
149AU / 2298 / GI /46 / 149Mr. Showkat Ahmad MirKhaiwan, Narwara, Iddgah
150AU / 2299 / GI /46 / 150Mr. Showkat Ahmad BabaBota Kadal
151AU / 2300 / GI /46 / 151M/s. Khan Handicrafts Represented By Mr. Ajaz Ahmad KhanZoripora, Zoonimar
152AU / 2301 / GI /46 / 152M/s. M. Hussainy & Sons Represented By Mr. Zaffar Hussain Mir31/2 Langi pora, Ali Pora, New Bota Kadal, Lal Bazar
153AU / 2303 / GI /46 / 153Mr. Mohammad Amin WaniTara Bal, Nawa Kadal
154AU / 2304 / GI /46 / 154Mr. Arshad Hussain JaanMandi Bal, Nowshera
155AU / 2305 / GI /46 / 155Mr. Shabbir Hussain JaanMandi Bal, Nowshera
156AU / 2306 / GI /46 / 156M/s. Kashmir Loom Company Pvt Ltd Represented By Mr. Hakim Asaf AliGazidoori, Alamgari Bazar
157AU / 2307 / GI /46 / 157Mr. Tanveer Ahmad SangeenDana mazar, waniyar safa Kadal
158AU / 2320 / GI /46 / 158Mohd Amin KumarKrala Pora Hawal
159AU / 2322 / GI /46 / 159Raja Sons1. Sajjad Hussain Raja, 2. Mohammad Amin Raja, Dar Mohalla, Soura,
160AU / 2323 / GI /46 / 160M/s. Azad EnterprisesPadshah Begum, Dar Mohalla, Soura
161AU / 2324 / GI /46 / 161M/s. Cashemire Handloom WeaveFarhat Fida, Shahdab Colony, 90 Feet Road, Ahmad Nagar,
162AU / 2325 / GI /46 / 162M/s. Cashemire Handloom FabricsMudasir Safi, Shahdab Colony, 90 Feet Road, Ahmad Nagar,
163AU / 2327 / GI /46 / 163M/s. Cottage Hand Woven Handicrafts ExplosionNasreen Rashid, 218/B, Firdous Colony, Buchpora
164AU / 2331 / GI /46 / 164Iqbal Hussain JanKathimaidan, Alamgari Bazar
165AU / 2335 / GI /46 / 165Mohmin Bashir WaniElegant Store, 3, Poloview, Residency Road,
166AU / 2338 / GI /46 / 166M/s MEE - AEE Trading Company Represented By Mr. Arshad Ahmad SofiSK Colony Near Police Colony, Bemina
167AU / 2339 / GI /46 / 167M/s Ahujasons shawl wale (P) LTD Represented By Mr. Bhuvan Ahuja6/44 WEA Ajmal Khan Road, Karol Bagh
168AU / 2340 / GI /46 / 168Mr. Hilal Ahmad HamdaniMadh Bagh, Nowshera
169AU / 2343 / GI /46 / 169M/s. Imialiyah, Represented by Mr. Mohammad Imran DijooZoonimar, Tenga Pora
170AU / 2345 / GI /46 / 170M/s. Dastqar, Represented by Mr. Shiekh FaheemNalabal, Nowshera, Soura
171AU / 2346 / GI /46 / 171Mr. Shafat Ahmad WaniSaida Pora, Iddgah
172AU / 2358 / GI /46 / 172Mr. Ajaz Ahmad BeighBahlochipora, Soura
173AU / 2359 / GI /46 / 173M/s. Shah and Shah Sons Represented By Mr. Syed Faizan RashidNo. 19 Usmanabad - 1, Umer Here, Buchpora
174AU / 2360 / GI /46 / 174M/s. Al-Dedmari Shawls Represented By Mr. Altaf Ahmad DedmariDegdarhar, Zoonimar
175AU / 2361 / GI /46 / 175M/s. Baba Enterprises Represented By Mr. Intizar Ahmad BabaRahilone Tarabal Nawakadal
176AU / 2362 / GI /46 / 176M/s. S. S Shawls Represented By Mr. Abdus Samad ShahRathpora, Eidgah, Safakadal
177AU / 2363 / GI /46 / 177M/s. Pashmina Handloom Shawls Represented By Mr. Mohammad Yaqoob SofiMahraj Gunj
178AU / 2364 / GI /46 / 178M/s. Phamb Fashions Private Limited Represented By Mr. Junaid ShahdharThe Shahdhar, Ranger Stop, Khanyar
178AU/2406/GI/46/178Mr. Shabir Ahmad DarBatak Pora, Nowshera
179AU/2407/GI/46/179M/s. Shadha Crafts Represented By Mrs. Shahida MasudiNo. 53 Gousiya Mohalla Umar colony A Lal Bazar
180AU/2408/GI/46/180Mr. Umer Zahoor ReshiNaribal Colony, Soura, Near Snober Bakery Shop
181AU/2409/GI/46/181M/s. Elysian Arts Emporium Represented By Mr. Bashir Ahmad JanKathimaidan, Alamgari Bazar
182AU/2410/GI/46/182Mr. Mohammad Yousuf DarSalfia Masjid, Jogiwan, Hawal
183AU/2411/GI/46/183M/s. Malik Trading Co Represented By Mr. Gulzar Ahmad MalikLakhripora, Nowshera
184AU/2412/GI/46/184M/s. Lala Pashmina Traders Represented By Mr. Mohammad Haseen LalaKhajapora, Nowshera, Soura
185AU/2413/GI/46/185Mr. Khazir Mohammad SofiGanderpora (Nowpora Chowk), Eidgah, Safakadal
186AU/2414/GI/46/186M/s. Unique Art Exporters Represented By Mr. Ashiq Hussain GhaniZia Complex 90 Feet Road, Soura
187AU/2415/GI/46/187M/s. Malik Trading Co Represented By Mr. Gh. Ahmad MalikLakhripora Nowshera
189AU/3638/GI/46/189M/s Gift Collection Represented by Mr. Gazanfar AliH. No 128-Hasanabad Rainawari
190AU/3639/GI/46/190Ms. Mehraj Craftts Represented by Mehraj Udin BabaSyed Kocha, Hawal,(Near Firdous Cinema)
191AU/3640/GI/46/191Abdul Qayum MattooLaigari Doori Safa Kadal
192AU/3924/GI/46/192Manzoor Ahmad Kumar S/o Mohd Sidiq KumarNoorbagh Near Shamshan Ghat
193AU/3925/GI/46/193Javid Hussain Bhat S/o Mohd Ramzan BhatGazi Doori Alamgari Bazar
194AU/3926/GI/46/194Javid Hussain Bhat S/o Mohd Ramzan BhatGazi Doori Alamgari Bazar
195AU/3927/GI/46/195Imtiyaz Rahim Shah S/o Abdul Rahim ShahM. A Link Road, Munawar Abad/ Barbar Shah
196AU/3928/GI/46/196Sareer Ahmad Sofi S/o Mohd Ramzan SofiPathachowk, Srinagar
197AU/3929/GI/46/197Sheikh Mohammad Asif S/o Mohammad Asiam SheikhGousia Colony, Ellahibagh
198AU/3930/GI/46/198Mehboob Ali Beigh S/o Ali Mohd BeighGazi – Doori, Alamgari Bazar
199AU/3977/GI/46/199M/s. Wani shawl Emporium Represented by Bilal Ahmad WaniWally Mohallah, Soibugh Teh
200AU/3978/GI/46/200M/s. Cashmere Crafts Represented by Mukhtar Ahmad Wani5, Boulevard
201AU/4220/GI/46/201M/s. M.A Arts & Crafts Represented by Mr. Mohammad Ashraf WafaieBotakadal Pokhribal Lal Bazar
202AU/4221/GI/46/202M/s Kashmir Valley Arts Represented by Mr. Zamir Ahmad NaqashMalik Sahib Safakadal, Srinagar
203AU/4222/GI/46/203M/s. Badam Pashmina & Raffal Weavers industrial Co-op Society Ltd Represented by Mr. Fayaz Ahmad SheikhDavi Angun Hawal
204AU/4223/GI/46/204M/s. Craft Coin Represented by Mr. Zahoor Ahmad DarAmada Kadal Lal Bazar
205AU/4243/GI/46/205M/s. H. A. Shawls Represented by Hakeem Riyaz Ahmad ShahRathpora Eidgah
206AU/4245/GI/46/206M/s. Pashmkaar Represented by Mr. Tariq Ahmad DarNigeen Hazratbal
207AU/4246/GI/46/207M/s. Basu Enterperises Represented by Ghulam Jeelani BasuAalikadal
208AU/4270/GI/46/208M/s Cottage Art Emporium Represented by Mr. Mohammad Haseeb ShawBoulvared Road,
209AU/4706/GI/46/209Royal Cashmere Arts Represented by Gowhar AminAlamdar Colony B, Lal Bazar
210AU/4733/GI/46/210Mr. Owais Reshi S/o Farooq Ahmad Reshi79, Housing Colony, Bemina
211AU/4736/GI/46/211M/s. J & K State Handloom Development Corporation Limited Represented by Rakesh Sharma5th Floor, Jawahar Lal Nehru Udlog Bhawan, Rail Head Complex
212AU/4737/GI/46/212M/s. Capra Kashmir & Co Represented by Mr. Wahid Nazir Sofi Pathpora Kawadara
213AU/4742/GI/46/213M/s Azahra Enterprises Private Limited Represented by Syed Sajad HussainNawab bagh Kalle Mohalla Baghwanpora lal Bazar
214AU/4749/GI/46/214Pashmina House Represented by Fayaz Ahmed MantooGreen Lane Botshah Sahib Lal Bazar
215AU/4750/GI/46/215Vintage Pashmina & Co Represented by Tahir Ahmad SofiPathpora Kawdara
216AU/4759/GI/46/216R K Shawls Represented by Rahil Saleem KotaInside Kathid Darwaza, Mum Khan, Rainawari
217AU/4760/GI/46/217Kashmir Handloom Shawl Represented by Mir Adil HameedHawal, Near Firdous Cinema
218AU/4781/GI/46/218M/s. Shades Of Yarn Represented by Mrs. Monica RainaFlat 212, Shivkala Apartments, Plot D-19, Section 51 Noida
219AU/4782/GI/46/219M/s. Walk In Closet Represented by Mr. Arshid Ahmad ThullaNorth Cliff Helipad Varkala
220AU/4783/GI/46/220Mr. Mohammad Sultan Thulla S/o Mohammad AbdullahFirdous Colony Chandpora Harwan
221AU/5003/GI/46/221M/s. Mubeen Crafts Represented by Mr. Adil Mubeen MirNundresh Colony
222AU/5004/GI/46/222Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Bhat S/o Ghulam NabiAwanta Bawan Bun Mohalla Soura
223AU/5005/GI/46/223M/s. Kashmir Shawl Store Represented by Mr. Hashmat-Ullah KhanNawab Bazar
224AU/5006/GI/46/224M/s. Shahkaar Fashions Private Limited Represented by Mr. Abdul Manan BabaBaba House, H.No.01, Rahilone Tarbal Nawakadal
225AU/5034/GI/46/225M/s. Shaw & Shaw Represented by Mr. Rauf Ahmad shawBoulvard Road
226AU/5035/GI/46/226Mr. Gulzar Ahmad Dar S/o Abdul Salam DarSadipora Eidgah
227AU/5036/GI/46/227M/s. Muzaffar Ahmad Lankroo Represented by Mr. Muzaffar Ahmad LankrooMirjan pora Iddgah
228AU/5037/GI/46/228Mr. Imtiyaz Ahmad Dar S/o Mr. Abdul Salam DarSadipora Eidgah
229AU/5038/GI/46/229M/s. Blossom Arts and Crafts Represented by Mr. Farooq Ahmad MirAram Pora Butakadal
230AU/5246/GI/46/230M/s. Afra Represented by Mr. Akhtar Hussain MirHassan Abad Rainawari
231AU/5247/GI/46/231M/s. Fashion Accessories Represented by Smt. Archana ChaudhrySunil Chaudhry Hospital Building, Vasant Road, Maliwara
232AU/5671/GI/46/232Shri. Showkat Hussain Shah S/o Shri. Ghulam Ahmad ShahZaripora Zoonimar
233AU/5672/GI/46/233M/s. Azeem Kashmir Arts Represented by Shri. Mohammad Altaf Mir & Mudasir Ahmad MirTengpora Zoonimar
234AU/6140/GI/46/234M/s. Reshi & Co Represented by Shri. Ghulam Mohi-ud-din ReshiIndustrial Estate Zakura
235AU/6141/GI/46/235M/s. Yendarkaar Represented by Smt. Muzamil KounsarPathan Colony, Zakura, Hazratbal
236AU/6142/GI/46/236Shri. Zahoor Ahmad Mir S/o Shri. Bashir Ahmad MirAram Pora Nawakadal
237AU/6143/GI/46/237M/s. Fairshare Cashmere Represented by Shri. Bilal Ahmad KapraProfessor Colony Naseem Bagh
238AU/6144/GI/46/238Shri. Tariq Ahmad Mir S/o Shri. Bashir Ahmad MirAram Pora Nawakadal
239AU/6145/GI/46/239M/s. Cashmere Kani Novelties Represented by Shri. Tariq Ahmad MirAram Pora Nawakadal
240AU/6146/GI/46/240M/s. Mir Arts Represented by Shri, Naseer Ahmad MirAram Pora Nawakadal
241AU/6147/GI/46/241M/s. Peerzada Professionals Represented by Shri. Peerzada Zakir Hussain146, Sir Syedabad Sector 01 Bemina
242AU/6943/GI/46/242M/s. Pearl Exports Represented by Shri. Farooq Ahmed WangnooLal Bazar, Bagwanpora
243AU/6965/GI/46/243Shri. Maqsood Ahmad Khan S/o Shri. Abdul Hamid KhanKathi Darwaza, Mohallah Ashraf Khan, Rainawari
244AU/7109/GI/46/244M/s. Arisoz Represented By Arif Ashraf GeerNarwara Mallapora Near New Bonvivant School
245AU/7110/GI/46/245Shri. Sarfaraz Ahmad BhatHouse No. 13, Sector 3, Gulberg Colony, Hyderpora
246AU/7113/GI/46/246Shri. Juneed Raj Baba76, Kaka Sathu New Road Shoragari Mohalla Nawab Bazar Opp Fire Station
247AU/7114/GI/46/247Shri. Mohammad Ishfaq BabaPazwal Pora Srinagar North, Nowshara
248AU/7115/GI/46/248Shri. Mehraj Din BabaPazwal Pora Srinagar North, Nowshara
249AU/7116/GI/46/249Shri. Mohd RafiqPazwal Pora Srinagar North, Nowshara
250AU/7307/GI/46/250Shri Feroz Ahmad waniKhawaja Pora, Nowshera
251AU/7310/GI/46/251Shri. Taqadus Nazir WaniKhawaja Pora, Nowshera
252AU/7830/GI/46/252M/s. Saga Oriental CraftsMunawarabad, Post Box No. 609
253AU/7831/GI/46/253M/s. A.Y. ExportsLakhripora, Nowshera
254AU/7884/GI/46/254Shri. Khaja Shabir HussainHasamabad, Ramawari
255AU/7921/GI/46/255M/s. YaaveAwanta Bown
256AU/7953/GI/46/256M/s. Kashmir ShawlsTengapora Zoonimar
257AU/7957/GI/46/257M/s. Alamdar ArtsTengapora Zoonimar
258AU/7997/GI/46/258M/s. ShawlsBismillah Colony Naseemabad
259AU/8000/GI/46/259M/s. Kashmir Craft Export Represented by Shri. Mohd Safdar MirIqbal Colony, Eidgah
260AU/8001/GI/46/260Shri. Farooq Ahmad MirDoom Pora Rajouri Kadal
261AU/8154/GI/46/261Shri. Ghulam Ahmad SheikhSaida Kadal, Rainawari, Near Tube Well Station
262AU/8155/GI/46/262Shri. Fayaz Ahmad SheikhSaida Kadal, Rainawari, Near Tube Well Station
263AU/8156/GI/46/263M/s. Shalla & SonsZampa Kadal, Kaka Sarai, Karan Nagar
264AU/8158/GI/46/264M/s. Sheen PashminaShah Mohallah, New Colony, Sonarkul
265AU/8265/GI/46/265Shri. Afaq Ahmad MirKhaiwan, Narwara
266AU/8271/GI/46/266M/s. Sada Bahar Pashmina, Kani Shawl & Raffal Handloom Weavers Industrial Cooperative LtdUmerabad, Zainakot
267AU/8274/GI/46/267Shri. Dilkash Kani Shawl WorkersUmerabad, Zainakot
268AU/8276/GI/46/268M/s. Snow World VillageDhobiwan, Tangmarg, Baramulla
269AU/8281/GI/46/269M/s. Jan Shawl ManufacturersAarath Budgam
270AU/8321/GI/46/270R Co. Arts & CraftsKhawja Pora (B) Nowshera
271AU/8322/GI/46/271M/s. M Hussainy & SonsLangipora, Alipora, New Bota Kadal, Lal Bazar
272AU/8323/GI/46/272Shri. Mohmad Iqbal MirAlipora, New Bota Kadal, Lal Bazar
273AU/8324/GI/46/273M/s. Cottage Craft TreasureBhag Dooji Mohallah, Rainawari
274AU/8327/GI/46/274M/s. The Window of KashmirTengpora Zoonimar
275AU/8330/GI/46/275Shri. Imtiyaz Ahmad BangrooKhaiwan, Eidgah
276AU/8342/GI/46/276M/s. Kashmir Shawl GalerieH 162/A, Bhagwanpora, Lal Bazar
277AU/8345/GI/46/277Shri. Owais Nazir SheikhGilli Kadal, Zoonimar
278AU/8347/GI/46/278Shri. Abdul Quyoom MirGilli Kadal, Zoonimar
279AU/8350/GI/46/279Shri. Mohammad Yaseen MirGilli Kadal, Zoonimar
280AU/8351/GI/46/280Shri. Mehraj Ud Din MirGilli Kadal, Zoonimar
281AU/8352/GI/46/281Shri. Nazir Ahmad SheikhGilli Kadal, Zoonimar
282AU/8353/GI/46/282Shri. Waseem Ali HakakGilli Kadal, Zoonimar
283AU/8355/GI/46/283M/s. G. M. Mir & SonsGilli Kadal, Zoonimar
284AU/8356/GI/46/284Shri. Shafiq Ahmad DarziGilli Kadal, Zoonimar
285AU/8357/GI/46/285M/s. Dar Royal ArtsChatrehama, Hazratbat
286AU/8360/GI/46/286M/s. Al Haram Royal CraftsChatrehama, Hazratbat
287AU/8363/GI/46/287Shri. Altaf AhmadYachipora Narwara
288AU/8470/GI/46/288Shri. Tariq Ahmad WaniGilli Kadal, Zoonimar, Nowshera
289AU/8471/GI/46/289Shri. Tariq Ahmad WaniGilli Kadal, Zoonimar, Nowshera
290AU/8472/GI/46/290Shri. Zameer Ahmad KhanGilli Kadal, Zoonimar, Nowshera
291AU/8473/GI/46/291Shri. Rais Ali KhanGilli Kadal, Zoonimar, Nowshera
292AU/8474/GI/46/292Shri. Majid Ahmad BabaNalabal, Nowshera, Srinagar
293AU/8475/GI/46/293Shri. Bilal Ahmad DarSyed Pora Eidgah
294AU/8476/GI/46/294Shri. Nazir Ahmad DarSyed Pora Eidgah
295AU/8477/GI/46/295Shri. Umer Ahmad DarSyed Pora Eidgah
296AU/8490/GI/46/296M/s. Yasir Arts and CraftsH.No. 20 Green Lane, Bota Shah Sahib, Lal Bazar
297AU/8493/GI/46/297M/s. PurecashmereH.No. 12, Jeelani Lane, Saderbal, Naseemabad
298AU/8496/GI/46/298M/s. Adventure ArtsHazari Bazar, Rainawari
299AU/8499/GI/46/299M/s. Shawl CrazeHubby Colony, Lal Bazar
300AU/8502/GI/46/300Shri. Siraj Ud Din DarSyed Pora, Eidgah
301AU/8503/GI/46/301M/s. Rose EnterpriseNageen Lake Castle
302AU/8504/GI/46/302Shri. Ghulam JeelaniNawab Bagh, Bhagwanpora, Nigeen Lake, Lal Bazar
303AU/8507/GI/46/303Shri. Showkat Ahmad MalikWanganpora, Eidgah
304AU/8510/GI/46/304M/s. Kashmir Handicrafts & TreasuresDegdarhar, Zoonimar, Nowshera
305AU/8513/GI/46/305M/s. Kashmir Arts & CraftsDegdarhar, Zoonimar, Nowshera
306AU/8516/GI/46/306M/s. Amazing Craft CollectionDana Mazar, Safa Kadal
307AU/8521/GI/46/307M/s. N S CraftsSyed Pora, Edigah
308AU/8522/GI/46/308Shri. Sameer Ahmad DarSyed Pora, Edigah
309AU/8523/GI/46/309Shri. Javeed Ahmad LoneSyed Pora, Edigah, Near SMD School
310AU/8524/GI/46/310Shri. Abdul Wahid DevaSyed Pora, Edigah
311AU/8526/GI/46/311M/s. Sofi Yaseen & SonsSyed Pora, Edigah
312AU/8528/GI/46/312Shri. Ishfaq Ahmad SofiSyed Pora, Edigah
313AU/8532/GI/46/313Shri. Nazir Ahmad DarLane No. 1, Salimar Colony, Saidapora, Eidgah
314AU/8535/GI/46/314Shri. Hilal Ahmad DarLane No. 1, Salimar Colony, Saidapora, Eidgah
315AU/8715/GI/46/315M/s. Reshi Shawl Mart34 Chinar Complex, MA Road
316AU/8719/GI/46/316M/s. ShehjarSaida Pora, Eidgah, Achan
317AU/8721/GI/46/317M/s. Royal ShawlsSata Boni Sikh Bagh, Lal Bazar
318AU/8723/GI/46/318M/s. F&F Art AmbienceHouse No. 4, Lane No. 2, haji Bagh, Bushpora
319AU/8725/GI/46/319Shri. Mohammad Lateef MagrayGilli Kadal, Zoonimar
320AU/8728/GI/46/320Shri. Sheikh Faheem UL HussainLakhripora, Nowshera
321AU/8729/GI/46/321Smt. Rukiya BanoLakhripora, Nowshera
322AU/8730/GI/46/322Shri. Sheikh Fayaz AhmadLakhripora, Nowshera
323AU/8731/GI/46/323Shri. Shiekh Zeeshan AhmadLakhripora, Nowshera
324AU/8732/GI/46/324Shri. Tariq Ahmad Zaz71, Lane No. 3, Umer Colony (B) Lal Bazar, Near Ibrahim Masjid
325AU/8733/GI/46/325Shri. Mumtaz Ahmad ShahBangi Kocha, Aqal Mir, Khanyar, Rainawari
326AU/8734/GI/46/326Shri. Nasir Ahmad BhatAlamdar Colony A Lal Bazar, Near Ibrahim Masjid
327AU/8735/GI/46/327M/s. Exquisite CraftsSuite 201, 2nd Floor, La Villa Complex Naqashpora, Barbarshah
328AU/8749/GI/46/328Shri. Fayaz Ahmad BhatZoonimar Deoderhar, Ali Jaan Road
329AU/8753/GI/46/329Shri. Junaid Ahmad BhatZoonimar Degdarhar, Ali Jaan Road
330AU/8756/GI/46/330M/s. Shah Mehraj SonsNaid Doori, Nowshera
331AU/8757/GI/46/331M/s. AR The Pashmina StudioAlamgari Bazar, Opposite HDFC Bank
332AU/8759/GI/46/332M/s. Hamadan InternationalHamadan House, Ahmad Nagar, Buchpora
333AU/8763/GI/46/333M/s. G. D. Pure Kashmir Handloom ArtsSyedpora, Eidgah
334AU/8768/GI/46/334Shri. Mohammad Ayub LalpuriNaseem Bagh
335AU/8771/GI/46/335Shri. Riyaz Ahmad BhatFazl-Haq-Haq Colony, Batapora, Hazratbal
336AU/8934/GI/46/336M/s. Chinar Arts & CraftsGouripora, Sanat Nagar
337AU/8936/GI/46/337M/s. M. D. ShawlsSaida Pora, Eidgah
338AU/8941/GI/46/338M/s. A. K. ShawlsGole Market, Cassette School Lane
339AU/8944/GI/46/339Shri. Shahid Showkat MirBotshah Mohalla, Lal Bazar
340AU/8947/GI/46/340Shri. Gulzar Ahmad Bhat62, Batapora, Faz-ul Haq Colony, Hazratbal
341AU/8950/GI/46/341M/s. A R ShawlsArampora, Bota Kadal, Lal Bazar
342AU/8953/GI/46/342Shri. Abdul Rashid DarNaied Doori, Nowshera
343AU/8956/GI/46/343M/s. valley ArtsUmer Colony, A Lal Bazar
344AU/8959/GI/46/344M/s. Beigh TradersDulla Bagh, Soura
345AU/8962/GI/46/345Shri. Faizan Fayaz BhatTengpora, Zoonimar
346AU/8964/GI/46/346Shri. Fayaz Ahmad BhatTengpora, Zoonimar
347AU/9008/GI/46/347Shri. Farooq Ahmad DarBatapora, Kanihama, Budgam
348AU/9010/GI/46/348Shri. Ali Mohammad BhatKhalmulla, Ganderdal
349AU/9012/GI/46/349M/s. Sheikh Shawl HouseBakura, Ganderbal
350AU/9013/GI/46/350Shri. Mohammad Ashraf KhanPandash, Ganderbal
351AU/9018/GI/46/351Shri. Mir Nazir AhmadMandibal, Nowshera
352AU/9020/GI/46/352M/s. Meher PremiumGulmarg Colony
353AU/9021/GI/46/353Shri. Syed Sarwar HussainHassanabad, Rainawari
354AU/9024/GI/46/354M/s. New Kashmir CreationSurnai Mohallah, Kawdara
355AU/9027/GI/46/355Shri. Rayees Ahmad LankerSurnai Mohallah, Kawdara
356AU/9030/GI/46/356M/s. Shah Shawl HouseHawal, Near Firdous Cinema
357AU/9033/GI/46/357M/s. Kanihama Guli Annar Kanishawl Handloom Industrial Cooperative Society LimitedKanihama, Tehsil Beerwah, Budgam
358AU/9091/GI/46/358M/s. The Shaw House201, Dr. Ali Jan Shopping Plaza, M.A. Road
359AU/9094/GI/46/359M/s. Pattoo and SonsVicharnag, Nowshera
360AU/9100/GI/46/360M/s. Yarnz Exports Private LimitedGF, CB-111, Sangermal City Centre, M.A. Road
361AU/9102/GI/46/361Shri. Nisar Ahmad MagrayZoonimar, Gilli Kadal
362AU/9104/GI/46/362M/s. Noorshah Arts EmporiumSyed Pora, Eidgah
363AU/9106/GI/46/363M/s. Isma Noor Handloom UnitParimpora, Qamarwari
364AU/9107/GI/46/364M/s. Mehnatkash Kashmir Weavers Handloom Cooperative Society LimitedKripalpora Balla, Singpora, Pattan
365AU/9289/GI/46/365M/s. Fancy Pashmina Handloom Weavers Industrial Cooperative Society LimitedZoonimar, Gilli Kadal, Eidgah
366AU/9290/GI/46/366M/s. The Dar Pashmina Handloom Weavers Industrial Cooperative Society LimitedGilli Kadal, Eidgah
367AU/9291/GI/46/367Shri. Abdul Hamid DarGilli Kadal, Nowshara
368AU/9292/GI/46/368Shri. Ghulam Mohammad DarGilli Kadal, Eidgah
369AU/9293/GI/46/369M/s. The Sheikh Pashmina Handloom Weavers Industrial Cooperative LimitedGilli Kadal, Eidgah
370AU/9295/GI/46/370Shri. Anees Ul HaqBotshah Mohallah, Lal Bazar
371AU/9298/GI/46/371Shri. Showkat Ali MangrooNarwara, Eidgah
372AU/9301/GI/46/372Shri. Suhail Ahmad SheikhHeewan Colony, Eidgah
373AU/9306/GI/46/373M/s. Kashur Crafts Private Limited37 A/C, Gandhi Nagar
374AU/9310/GI/46/374Shri. Shahnawaz Rashid DarMallapura, Eidgah
375AU/9311/GI/46/375Shri. Khwaja Aijaz HussainGund Khawja Qasim, Baramulla, Pattan
376AU/9315/GI/46/376Shri. Aijaz Ahmad SofiGanderpora, Eidgah
377AU/9498/GI/46/377M/s. Al Amin ExportsH. No. 9, Hubbi Colony, 90 Feet Road, Behind Police Station, Soura
378AU/9503/GI/46/378M/s. Khazir SonsBrein Nishat
379AU/9504/GI/46/379M/s. The Universal Pashmina Handloom Weavers Industrial Cooperative LtdGilli Kadal, Zoonimar, Eidgah
380AU/9505/GI/46/380Shri. Hafizullah BhatTengpora, Zoonimar
381AU/9509/GI/46/381Shri. Mohammad Shafi WaniGilli Kadal, Zoonimar, Nowshara
382AU/9510/GI/46/382Smt. ParveenaGilli Kadal, Zoonimar, Nowshara
383AU/9513/GI/46/383Shri. Mohamad MuzaffarTengpora, Zoonimar
384AU/9517/GI/46/384M/s. Iqra Enterprises79, Hubbi Colony, Behind Police Station, Soura
385AU/9521/GI/46/385M/s. Tulip Handloom WeaversAwanta Bhawan, Soura
386AU/9602/GI/46/386M/s. Zahoor Arts EmporiumHouse No. 5, Mandibal, Nowshera
387AU/9604/GI/46/387Smt. Asiya Zahoor DarMandibal, Nowshera
388AU/9607/GI/46/388Shri. Fayaz Ahmad DarMandibal, Nowshera
389AU/9608/GI/46/389Shri. Abdul Hamid DarMandibal, Nowshera
390AU/9612/GI/46/390M/s. Mir Art Gallery53, Gund Hassi Bhat, Nowpora
391AU/9617/GI/46/391M/s. S. R. Pashmina Private LimitedTrumboo Villa, Bismillah Colony, Zakura
392AU/9619/GI/46/392Shri. Ashiq Hussain MirYachpora, Dangerpora Narwara
393AU/9621/GI/46/393Shri. Nasir Ahmad ShahMirjanpora, Nawakadal
394AU/9625/GI/46/394Shri. Mohammad Yaqoob ShahMirjanpora, Nawakadal
395AU/9627/GI/46/395M/s. Shawl SonsBoulevard Road, Dalgate
396AU/9630/GI/46/396Shri. Imtiyaz Ahmad GanieRathsum, Beerwah
397AU/9633/GI/46/397M/s. Kareem EnterprisesFazlul Haq Colony, Batpora Hazratbal
398AU/9636/GI/46/398Shri. Aijaz Ahmad KharadiSarnal Payeen Anantnag
399AU/9641/GI/46/399Shri. Ghulam Rasool KhanRehmania Colony, Haka Bazar, Hawal
400AU/9643/GI/46/400Shri. Haseeb KhanRehmania Colony, Haka Bazar, Hawal
401AU/9645/GI/46/401M/s. HS Trad EstSheikh Hamzah Colony, Iddgah, Sector B
402AU/9647/GI/46/402M/s. Rahi Shawl IndustriesInfront Akad Park, K. P. Road, Tehsil Mattan, Anantnag
403AU/9652/GI/46/403Shri. Javed Ahmad SheikhDaniham, Shalimar
404AU/9656/GI/46/404M/s. The Pure Handicrafts Sozni Industrial Cooperative LtdOhangam, Beerwah
405AU/9659/GI/46/405M/s. The Yemberzal Kani Shawls Industrial Cooperative LtdKoker Masjid, Nawa Kadal
406AU/9662/GI/46/406M/s. The Khushboo Womens Ari Embroidary Industrial Cooperative LtdRoshanabad, Magam
407AU/9665/GI/46/407M/s. PashwrapHouse No. 18, Sector 3, Gulberg Colony, Hyderpora
408AU/9668/GI/46/408Shri. Gazanfar Maqbool ShahChoon
409AU/9693/GI/46/409Shri. Abrar Ahmad MirPandach, Syed Fazal Abad
410AU/9694/GI/46/410Shri. Mohd AnwarRathpora, Eidgah
411AU/9695/GI/46/411Shri. Adil Ahmed AllaieRathpora, Eidgah
412AU/9696/GI/46/412M/s. Khawaja CraftsNabdipora, Zadibal, Hawal
413AU/9700/GI/46/413M/s. Iram Shawl Emb Industrial Cooperative LimitedShafia Bagh, Mandibal, Nowshera
414AU/9702/GI/46/414Shri. Shuja Abass MughlooAram Pora, Botta Kadal
415AU/9704/GI/46/415Smt. Tasiya JanMadina Abad Colony, Kralpora
416AU/9707/GI/46/416Shri. Naqeeb Mohidin Dar12, Qamarwari, S K Colony
417AU/9709/GI/46/417Shri. Arif Masood ReshiNarsing Garh, Balgarden
418AU/9711/GI/46/418M/s. Al Kareem International Trading CoNew Buchwara, Dalgate
419AU/9716/GI/46/419M/s. Beigh Shawl IndustriesBholochipora, Nowshera
420AU/9718/GI/46/420M/s. The Kar Kani Shawl Crafts Industrial Cooperative LimitedSheikh-ul-Alam Colony, Kawdara
421AU/9803/GI/46/421Shri. Ghulam Mohi-Ud-Din BhatGariend, Khurd
422AU/9808/GI/46/422Smt. Tahira AkhterNoor Bagh, Opposite Tehsil Office
423AU/9811/GI/46/423M/s. Indo Kashmir HandicraftsBulbul Bagh, H. No. 1, Lane 1, Barzulla, Baghat
424AU/9812/GI/46/424Shri. Mushtaq Ahmad MagrayBonizal Kangan, Ganderbal
425AU/9815/GI/46/425Smt. Shugufta RasoolGasso, Hazratbal
426AU/9818/GI/46/426M/s. Mir EmbroideryHabak, Shanpora, Hazratbal
428AU/9822/GI/46/428M/s. The Shahenshah Kani Shawl Industrial Cooperative LimitedGasiyar, Hawal
429AU/9825/GI/46/429Shri. Aijaz Ahmad SheikhHawal, (Devi Angan)
430AU/9826/GI/46/430Shri. Shabir Ahmad DarKanihama, Tehsil Magam
431AU/9829/GI/46/431Shri. Manzoor Ahmad GanaieKanihama, Tehsil Magam
432AU/9832/GI/46/432Shri. Shahnawaz PhalgrooKalal Doori, Naid Kadal
433AU/9834/GI/46/433Shri. Mohmad Ashraf BhatHaji Bagh, New Colony, Buchpora
434AU/9836/GI/46/434M/s. Lucky Shawl HouseBotshah Mohallah, Lal Bazar
435AU/9839/GI/46/435M/s. Pashmina Cottage EmporiumShop No. 21, A Block, Auqaf Complex, Hazratbal
436AU/10051/GI/46/436M/s. Prince Woodcarving HouseShiraz Road, Rainawari
437AU/10054/GI/46/437M/s. The Gareeb Nawaz Pashmina Kanishawl Handloom Weavers Industrial Cooperative LimitedWarapora
438AU/10056/GI/46/438Shri. Muneer Ahmad MirBatapora, Kanihama, Magam
439AU/10058/GI/46/439Shri. Ashaq Hussain DarBatapora, Beerwah, Magam
440AU/10060/GI/46/440Shri. Bilal Ahmad GanaieBatapora, Kanihama
441AU/10063/GI/46/441M/s. Gaash Taruk Handloom Kanishawl UnitBatapora, Kanihama
442AU/10064/GI/46/442M/s. The Barkat Wala Pashmina Kani Shawl Industrial Cooperative LimitedBatapora, Beerwah, Magam
443AU/10066/GI/46/443M/s. The Guli Afshan Pashmina Handloom Industrial Cooperative LimitedBatapora, Kanihama, Magam
444AU/10069/GI/46/444M/s. Kongposh Handloom Kanishawl UnitRoshanabad, Kanihama
445AU/10070/GI/46/445M/s. Jasmine Handloom Kanishawl UnitChaira, Guin, Magam
446AU/10074/GI/46/446Smt. Jabeena BanuAgri Kalan Magam Baramulla
447AU/10077/GI/46/447M/s. Sunflower Handloom Kanishawl UnitMazhama
448AU/10079/GI/46/448M/s. Sagar Shawls Handloom Kanishawl UnitMazhama
449AU/10081/GI/46/449Shri. Mushfiq Ahmad SofiUpper Soura
450AU/10411/GI/46/450M/s. Beigh BrothersBololachipora, Soura, Near SKIMS
451AU/10413/GI/46/451M/s. Mushtaq & Sons Shawl GalleryShanpora, Habak, Hazratbal
452AU/10417/GI/46/452Shri. Fayaz Ahmad ParrayKanihama, Magam
453AU/10420/GI/46/453M/s. The Rangposh Pashmeena Kanishawl, Raffel Handicrafts Industrial Cooperative limitedBatapora, Kanihama, Magam
454AU/10494/GI/46/454Shri. Shabir Ahmad DarBatapora, Kanihama, Magam, Budgam
455AU/10496/GI/46/455M/s. Pamposh Kani ShawlBatapora, Kanihama, Magam, Budgam
456AU/10497/GI/46/456M/s. The Haya Pashmina Handloom Weavers Industrial Cooperative LimitedGilli Kadal, Zoonimar, Tehsil Eidgah
457AU/10499/GI/46/457Shri. Reyaz Ahmad BhatWarapora, Budgam
458AU/10500/GI/46/458M/s. Kashmir Artisans SocietyBrari Pora, Nawa Kadal
459AU/10503/GI/46/459Shri. Irfan Ahmad LoneBatapora, Kanihama, Budgam
460AU/10506/GI/46/460M/s. Hassani Hussaini Handloom Kanishawl UnitKanihama, Magam, Budgam
461AU/11204/GI/46/461Ghulam Mohammad Ghulam Nabi ShairGole Market, Cassette Schol Lane, Karan Nagar
462AU/11206/GI/46/462Smt Arifa AkhterAlamgiri Bazar
463AU/11207/GI/46/463Shri Zahoor Ahmad BhatShallabagh, Zadibal
464AU/11212/GI/46/464Smt EcokashBazar Batmalloo, Jigar Complex, Near Ziarat
465AU/11214/GI/46/465Shri Abdul Rashid SheikhBatapora, Hazratbal
466AU/11216/GI/46/466M/s Awesome ShawlsWara Sangam Budgam Kashmir
467AU/11219/GI/46/467M/s Shawl Suits EmbriodaryWara Sangam Budgam Kashmir
468AU/11224/GI/46/468M/s Royal ShawlsWara Sangam Budgam Kashmir
469AU/11225/GI/46/469M/s TheflowerloomGulbahar Colony, Rangpora
470AU/12418/GI/46/470M/s Cashmira Shawl House151 – Sirsyed Colony, Upper Soura
471AU/12420/GI/46/471M/s Aroma Spices90 Feet Road, Shadab Colony, Ahmad Nagar
472AU/12425/GI/46/472M/s H. K. TradersUmer Colony, Lal Bazar
473AU/12429/GI/46/473M/s Misger Arts EmporiumMehboob Colony, Hawal
474AU/12434/GI/46/474M/s Zargar Export HouseGovt. Degree College, Bemina
475AU/12437/GI/46/475M/s Kashmir Modern Art GalleryEidgah
476AU/12440/GI/46/476M/s Royal HandicraftsShahmpora, Nowhatta
477AU/12441/GI/46/477M/s Imberzal InternationalHotel Zamrud, Bouelvard, Main Dalgate
478AU/12445/GI/46/478M/s Transworld ExpositionHotel Zamrud, Boulevard
479AU/12449/GI/46/479M/s Naqash & Sons Trading CompanyTengpora, Zoonimar
480AU/12454/GI/46/480M/s Reshi CraftsRajouri Kadal
481AU/12455/GI/46/481M/s M. Amin Reshi & SonsBotshah Mohalla, Lal Bazar
482AU/12459/GI/46/482M/s Gulf ExportsMain Dalgate
483AU/12464/GI/46/483M/s Shawl & Shawl SonsBotshah Mohalla, Lal Bazar
484AU/12466/GI/46/484M/s Al-Wajood Trading CoLane No. 1, Galib Abad, Shalteng, HMT
485AU/12470/GI/46/485M/s Valley Arts EmporiumRung Masid, Hawal
486AU/12473/GI/46/486M/s M. M. ExportersAllapora, Larkipora, Magam
487AU/12475/GI/46/487M/s TraditionSharief Complex, Budger
488AU/12479/GI/46/488M/s Akbar Art GalleryMadina Sahib, Hawal
489AU/12485/GI/46/489M/s Silk CollectionsMujgund
490AU/12489/GI/46/490M/s Cashmere HouseKak Sarai, Karan Nagar
491AU/12496/GI/46/491M/s Kashmir Crafts HouseMohalla Ashraf Khaw, Kathi Darwaza
492AU/12499/GI/46/492M/s Butt Shawl IndustriesFazul Uaq Colony, Batpora, Hazratbal
493AU/12502/GI/46/493Shri Bilal Majeed Wani80, Balochipora A, Near SKIMS
494AU/12505/GI/46/494M/s Ess and Ess EnterprisesShah Mohallah, Opposite J&K Bank, Zaldagar
495AU/12508/GI/46/495The Himalaya Kanishawl Handloom Weavers Industrial Cooperative LimitedArwah Beerwah
496AU/12513/GI/46/496M/s. Shah Art PalaceKralsangri, Near Tulip Garden, Cheshmashahi
497AU/12514/GI/46/497Shri. Muneer Ahmad NajarSheikh Hamza Colony, Sector C, Eidgah
498AU/12523/GI/46/498M/s. Rohella Enterprise Private Limited (OPC)House No. 17, Umarabad, Sector B, Peerbagh, Hyderpora
499AU/12525/GI/46/499M/s. Kashmir CreationsAlamdar Colony –B, Baghat Shoora, Lal Bazar
500AU/13571/GI/46/500M/s Cornish ExportsZoonimar ,Tengpora
501AU/13573/GI/46/501M/s Abdul Rehman Naqash and Sons395, Jawahar Nagar
502AU/13578/GI/46/502M/s Sultan Arts And CraftsZiyarat, Batamaloo
503AU/13584/GI/46/503Shri Mohd Aslam ShahDukani Sangeen, Fateh Kadal
504AU/13588/GI/46/504M/s Bhat ShawlsShah Hamdan Colony, Ali Jan road, Zoonimar
505AU/13590/GI/46/505M/s Butt CreationsShah Hamdan Colony, Ali Jan road, Zoonimar
506AU/13594/GI/46/506M/s The Paisley Kashmir Pashmir Industrial Cooperative LimitedDr. Ali Jan Road, Degderhaar, Zoonimar
507AU/14303/GI/46/507M/s Imperial Arts And Crafts Private LimitedKhajpora “B” Nowshera
508AU/14305/GI/46/508Shri Mohammad Farooq BhatPazwalpora, Zoonimar
509AU/14309/GI/46/509Shri Abdul Rashid DarWantapora, Hawal
510AU/14312/GI/46/510Shri Iqbal JavaidMandibal Nowshera
511AU/14315/GI/46/511Shri Tasaduq Hussain Wani35, Hawal Gasiyar, Near Police Station, Zadibal
512AU/14316/GI/46/512Shri Mirza Suhail Mohd BeighBoni Bagh, Near Imam Bara, Baghwanpora, Lal Bazar
513AU/14321/GI/46/513Shri Noor Mohammad BhatHafiz Bhag, Ellahi Bhag
514AU/14323/GI/46/514Shri Mohammad Wasim KhandayPirpora Arath
515AU/14324/GI/46/515Shri Khaliq HussainArampora, Nawakadal
516AU/14778/GI/46/516Kashmir Gen Z Private Limited 146, Gole Market, Karan Nagar,
517AU/14786/GI/46/517M/s.Mesmerizing Arts & CraftsMalapora ,Narwara
518AU/14789/GI/46/518Wani & SonsHouse No: 47/3 Haftyarbal, Safa Kadal
519AU/14793/GI/46/519Fayaz Ahmad Mir 17 B, Lane No.6, Pamposh Colony, Natipora
520AU/14904/GI/46/520Abdul Hye KhanBagati Kani Pora,Po Natipora
521AU/14908/GI/46/521M/s G.M. Dehqani & Sons128, Gassiyar, Nowshera, Zaidabal
522AU/14911/GI/46/522Abdul Majeed KhanSyedpora, Eidgah
523AU/14914/GI/46/523Hilal Ahmad ZargarLaigari Dooru, Eidgah
524AU/14915/GI/46/524Mushtaq Ahmad ZargerLaigari Dooru, Eidgah
525AU/14916/GI/46/525Altaf Hussain Mir178, Lane NO.6, Pamposh Colony, Natipora
526AU/14920/GI/46/526Farooq Ahmad Mir178, Lane NO.6, Pamposh Colony, Natipora
527AU/14924/GI/46/527Syed AtharSheshgari Mohallah, Khanyar
528AU/14926/GI/46/528M/s.Mir ShawlsTengpora, Zoonimar
529AU/14929/GI/46/529Mehraj Ud Din MirTengpora, Zoonimar
530AU/14932/GI/46/530Kayim Hussain KhanMadina Sahib, Hawal
531AU/15105/GI/46/531Mohammad Shafi SofiMisgari Mohallah, Soura
532AU/15109/GI/46/532Nazir Ahmad SheraSonpath, Beerwah
533AU/15115/GI/46/533Falahe Aam Kani Shawl Handloom Weavers Industrial Cooperative LtdSabzaar Colony, Pahroo
534AU/15122/GI/46/534Shine Arts Emporium Abi Kara Pora, Nehru Park, Dal Lake
535AU/15126/GI/46/535Kashmir Royal ArtsAbi Kara Pora, Nehru Park, Dal Lake
536AU/15128/GI/46/536Bilal Ahmad Dar142, Tengpora, Zoonimar
537AU/15739/GI/46/537Shri. Waiz Abdul RasidUpper soura
538AU/15741/GI/46/538Shri. Riyaz Ahmad ShahNallabal, NowShara, Hamdania Colony
539AU/15744/GI/46/539Azan Kani Shawl Pashmina & Raffal Handloom Industrial Cooperative LtdAnchar Soura
540AU/15746/GI/46/540M.M.EnterprisesDr. Ali Jan Road, Zoonimar, Soura
541AU/15750/GI/46/541Shri Aash Kani Shawl Pashmina & Raffal Handloom Weavers Industrial Cooperative LtdKoker Bagh , Zoonimar, Soura
542AU/15754/GI/46/542Shri Gold Star Pashmina Kani Shawl & Raffal Handloom Weavers Industrial Cooperative LtdBulachpora, Channapora, Soura
543AU/15757/GI/46/543M/s Kohi-I-Noor Arts EmporiumRawat Pora, Bhagat Barzalla
544AU/15759/GI/46/544Shri.Tariq Ahmad MirKachgari Masjid, Fateh Kadal
545AU/16180/GI/46/545G.M.T. ExportsKhasra No. 127 – 124, Kaka Mohallah, Nowhatta
546AU/16185/GI/46/546Jan Shawl ManufacturesAarath Narbal
547AU/16190/GI/46/547Mukhtar & CoShop No: 1, Nowpora, Safa Kadal
548AU/16192/GI/46/548Mehboob Ul Alam TradersAlamdar Colony(B) Lal Bazar
549AU/16195/GI/46/549Asan ArtsAlamdar Colony, Bagat Shoora, Lal Bazar
550AU/16200/GI/46/550Bhat Cottage Collections Bul- Bul Lanker, Nawakadal
551AU/16204/GI/46/551Persian DoweryAbi – Kakapora, Rainawari
552AU/17022/GI/46/552Ali Mohammad WaniTengpora, Zoonimar
553AU/17023/GI/46/553AB TradersAkhzar Avenue, Rangpora, Ellahi Bagh
554AU/17026/GI/46/554ChhawunDaulatabad, Khanyar
555AU/17032/GI/46/555Irm Handloom And HandicraftsNear Shangloo Travels, Dar Complex, Boulevard Road
556AU/17036/GI/46/556Budshah Kashmir Arts EmporiumMasjid Bilal Lane, Alamgiri Bazar, Hawal
557AU/17038/GI/46/557Sofi ArtsPathpora, Kawdara
558AU/17042/GI/46/558Bhat & CoPathpora, Kawdara
559AU/17048/GI/46/559Shabir Ahmad KarMakar Pora, Kawdara, Near, SMD Public School
560AU/17564/GI/46/560Shah Brothers(pashmina) Private LimitedUG-56, MGF Metropolis Mall, MG Road, Sector 28, Gurugram Haryana
561AU/17572/GI/46/561M/s. Mascot ExportsBaghwanpora, Nigeen Lake, Lal Bazar
562AU/17573/GI/46/562Mir Ishtiyaq AhmadH.No. 14 Buchpora, Ilahi Bagh, Madina Colony
563AU/17576/GI/46/563Mowloodi EnterprisesMadina Colony, Lene No.1, Ilahi Bagh, Rangpora
564AU/17584/GI/46/564Shahjee EmporiumDhobiwan, Kunzar, Gulmarg Road, Baramulla
565AU/17587/GI/46/565Nayak ArtsKhimber, Hazratbal
566AU/17589/GI/46/566M/s. Golden ArtsWaniyar, Safe kadal
567AU/17592/GI/46/567Mushtaq Ahmad MirKachgari Masjid, Fateh Kadal
568AU/17595/GI/46/568Shahjee Cottage IndustriesMunawarabad, M.A. Link Road, shahjee Complex,
569AU/18108/GI/46/569M/s Wani ArtsDegdarhar, Zoonimar
570AU/18110/GI/46/570Salam Bin Noor11th Lane, Butshah Colony, Lal Bazar
571AU/18114/GI/46/571M/s Farooq Shawl Industry1, 76, Middle School, Paripora, Budgam
572AU/18116/GI/46/572Iram MuzaffarNalabal, Nowshera
573AU/18120/GI/46/573Sajad Hussain BeigH. No. 23, Gasiyar, Hawal, Near Gousia Masjid
574AU/18121/GI/46/574Imran Hussain BeigGasiyar, Hawal
575AU/18124/GI/46/575M/s Mir Arts and CraftsZoonimar, Tengpora
576AU/18126/GI/46/576M/s A&F Arts and CratsBabapora, Zoonimar, Nowshera
577AU/18288/GI/46/577Mohammad Ayub DarHubi Colony, Sikh Bagh, Lal Bazar
578AU/18291/GI/46/578Arif ShawlsAlamgiri Bazar
579AU/18294/GI/46/579Khan & SonsShehjar Colony, Mandibal, Nowshera
580AU/18301/GI/46/580Rifat AraMadina Sahib, Hawal
581AU/18302/GI/46/581Mir MudasirTengpora, Zoonimar, Near Abu Bakr Masjid
582AU/18303/GI/46/582Mehraj Din KhawjaMadina Sahib, Hawal
583AU/18305/GI/46/583Bilal Ahmad RatherSyed Pora, Achen
584AU/18309/GI/46/584Mohammad Yousuf RatherSyed Pora, Achen
585AU/18310/GI/46/585 Lone ShawlsSindhbal, Sherpathri
586AU/18461/GI/46/586Jos And Fine Cashmere Traders Private LimitedH. No. 71 A/D, Gandhi Nagar
587AU/18467/GI/46/587Art Asia HandicraftsZari Mohallah, Lal Bazar
588AU/18469/GI/46/588Khazir Kraft Private Limited1, Kursu Rajbagh
589AU/18475/GI/46/589Downtown Arts & CraftsNoor Bagh, Gulshan Abad
590AU/18476/GI/46/590Nisar Ahmad JooAlamgiri Bazar, Near Haji Masjid
591AU/18522/GI/46/591Bazaaz HandicraftsHamdania Colony, Bemina
592AU/18527/GI/46/592Mir Cottage IndustriesKhasra No. 1475, Gilli Kadal, Zoonimar
593AU/18532/GI/46/593Sumaira Arts & CraftsHaka Bazar, Nowhatta Chowk
594AU/18537/GI/46/594Malik ShawlsShalimar Colony, Lane 3, Syed Pora, Eidgah
595AU/18538/GI/46/595Warp N WeftShop No. 889, Dr. Ali Jan Shopping Complex, M A Road
596AU/18545/GI/46/596Riyaz Ahmad GanaieSheikhul Alam Colony, Kawadara
597AU/18735/GI/46/597Dreams WorldMaker Pora, Kawdara, Near S.M.D. School
598AU/18737/GI/46/598The Art GalleryPazwalpora-A, Zoonimar
599AU/18739/GI/46/599CraftickWakura, Ganderbal, Opposite Khidmat Centre
600AU/18742/GI/46/600Mohammad Athar ThokerGund Khawaja Qasim, Pattan, Singpora, Baramulla
601AU/18745/GI/46/601Hilal Ahmad BangrooSafa Kadal
602AU/18748/GI/46/602Huzaif Yaseen ChangaSyed Sahib, Rajouri Kada
603AU/18752/GI/46/603M/s Lala OrientalShadab Colony, Ahmadnagar, Buchpora
604AU/18755/GI/46/604Royal HandicraftsShehampora, Nowhatta
605AU/18757/GI/46/605Abdul Majeed ShahAram Pora, Nawa Kadal
606AU/18759/GI/46/606Keprahiccus InternationalF-19, 3rd Floor, Lajpat Nagar – 1
607AU/18765/GI/46/607Kashmir WeavesRadapora, Khanyar
608AU/18769/GI/46/608Faizan Noor KhanBagati, Kanipora, Natipora
609AU/18771/GI/46/609Sheikh Kashmir Art & CoBumrada, Khag
610AU/18775/GI/46/610Ghulam Mustafa BhatWanabal, Rawalpora
611AU/18781/GI/46/611The Daffodil Pashmina Handloom Weavers Industrial Cooperative LtdGutapora, Lal Bazar, Tehsil Iddgah
612AU/18787/GI/46/612M/s M. S. Natoo and SonsKani Dewar Hawal
613AU/19149/GI/46/613Mohammad Afzal ShahNear Fire Station, Bana Mohallah, Fateh Kadal
614AU/19154/GI/46/614Shaw Art PalaceKralsangri, Near Tulip Garden, Cheshma Shahi
615AU/19156/GI/46/615Muzaffar Ahmad ShahFateh Kadal, Dukaane Sangeen
616AU/19158/GI/46/616Mudasir Ahmad ShahFateh Kadal, Dukaane Sangeen
617AU/19159/GI/46/617Bilal Ahmad BhatTengpora, Zoonimar, Near Abu Bakar Masjid
618AU/19164/GI/46/618Muneer Ahmad BudooDalkapora, Rainawari, (Near DAV School)
619AU/19166/GI/46/619Changpa FabricsBotshah Mohallah, Lal Bazar
620AU/19218/GI/46/620Tariq Ahmad BhatZoonimar, Pazwalpora
621AU/19222/GI/46/621M/s Yars Impex26 Green Avenue, Hyderpora
622AU/19225/GI/46/622The Creation Kashmir Handloom Weavers Industrial Cooperative LtdTengpora, Zoonimar
623AU/19228/GI/46/623The Isfahan Handloom Weavers Industrial Cooperative LtdTengpora, Zoonimar
624AU/19233/GI/46/624M/s New Look Handicrafts121, Shah Faisal Lane, Upper Soura
625AU/19234/GI/46/625Bashir Ahmad ShalbafSatboni, Lal Bazar, (Haft Chinar)
626AU/19238/GI/46/626M/s S.A.Kashmir ArtsGulshan Mohalla, Badamwari
627AU/19243/GI/46/627Mohammad Saleem SofiRathpora, Iddgah
628AU/19356/GI/46/628T.J. ArtsUmer Colony, Lal Bazar
629AU/19359/GI/46/629Kashmir Art CentreIndustrial Lane, Upper Soura
630AU/19360/GI/46/630KashtwarisHaider Colony, Upper Soura
631AU/19366/GI/46/631G.R. Bhat And SonsGreen Street, Salfia Abad, Zakura
632AU/19369/GI/46/632Kashmir EnterprisesKhasra No. 132, Saida, Pora, Eidgah
633AU/19375/GI/46/633Bilal Ahmad MachaKhagi – Mohalla, Boulevard, Nishant
634AU/19376/GI/46/634TubrukK22, Hanjiwera, Balla Pattan
635AU/19380/GI/46/635Shaw Brothers (Pashmina) Pvt. LtdUG – 56, MGF Metropolis Mall, M.G.Road, Sector 28
636AU/19468/GI/46/636Naseer HandicraftsZoonimar, Paziwalpora, Old Ali Jan Road, Nowshera
637AU/19472/GI/46/637AL – Mirza38/1, Sheshgari Mohalla, khanyar
638AU/19476/GI/46/638Aslam Exports2nd Floor, Mohiudin Building, Poloview
639AU/19479/GI/46/639M/s Din BrothersFort Road
640AU/19481/GI/46/640Kash Craft EmpNarwara Eidgah
641AU/19484/GI/46/641Karigar9A, Gogji Bagh, Near New Convent School
642AU/19488/GI/46/642Kashmir Heritage CoNigeen, Hazratbal
643AU/19494/GI/46/643Haji Fida Hussain And SonsShirazi House, Hassanabad, Rainawari
644AU/19564/GI/46/644Suhail KhurshidWagoora BK Pora
645AU/19565/GI/46/645Haseena BanoQalamdan Pora, Nawab Bazar
646AU/19570/GI/46/646Airah’s CoutureZaripora, Zoonimar, Nowshera
647AU/19571/GI/46/647Shahnawaz Rafiq BhatChanpora, Nowshera, Near Post Office
648AU/19572/GI/46/648Aijaz Ahmad RatherChanapora, Nowshera, Near Gole Masjid, Opposite Graveyard
649AU/19573/GI/46/649Kashmir TreasuriesChanpora, Nowshera, Near Gole Masjid, Opposite Graveyard
650AU/19577/GI/46/650Tribal TreasuriesChanapora, Nowshera, Near Post Office
651AU/19583/GI/46/651Mudasir BhatH.No.20, Lane No.4, Haider Enclave, Kil Khan Galli, Buchpora
652AU/19874/GI/46/652KounsarAali Kadal, malchima, Khanyar
653AU/19881/GI/46/653Pride Of IndiaC-710, New Friends Colony
654AU/19884/GI/46/654The Kashmir ShopResidency Road, Behind Grand Hotel
655AU/19887/GI/46/655Hubbi InternationalLower Ground Floor, Shop No. 004, Sangarmall Complex, M.A. Road
656AU/20067/GI/46/656Mushtaq Ahmed MirUmer Colony B, Lal Bazar
657AU/20071/GI/46/657Pashmeen1st Floor, Auqaf Building, Nawab Bazar
658AU/20076/GI/46/658Barkat Ali DarKathi Maidan, Imam Bada, Zadibal
659AU/20078/GI/46/659Mushtaq Ahmed SheikhImamia Public Park, Nowshara
660AU/20080/GI/46/660Abdul Qayoom BhatSheshgari Mohalla, Khanyar
661AU/20081/GI/46/661Owais Javaid House No 8, Lane No.1, Syed Colony, Haji Bagh, Buchpora
662AU/20084/GI/46/662Javeed Ahmad ShahHouse No 8, Lane No.1, Syed Colony, Haji Bagh, Buchpora
663AU/20088/GI/46/663Peer Mohamma Tahir QadriKathi Darwaza, Mum Khan, Rainawari
664AU/21093/GI/46/664Abdul Rouf KhanBagati, Kanipora, Budgam
665AU/21095/GI/46/665Faisal Noor KhanBagati, Kanipora, Budgam
666AU/21097/GI/46/666Lavender ShawlsBolachipora, Zoonimar
667AU/21099/GI/46/667Kashmir Craft MuseumJabgaripora- Nowhatta
668AU/21101/GI/46/668Sheraz Ahmad Ganie Khimber, Hazratbal
669AU/21104/GI/46/669Zahoor Ahmad BhattKhimber, Hazratbal
670AU/21819/GI/46/670Gulistan GiftsAbi Karpora, Batapora A, Dal Lake
671AU/21823/GI/46/671M/s A.M.I CraftsChanapora, Nowshera
672AU/21824/GI/46/672Kashmir InternationalsC – 341, Westend Colony, Hyderpora, Bypass
673AU/21878/GI/46/673Jan Mohd. Jan126, Suthra Shahi Partly
674AU/21879/GI/46/674Daamin ExportsHouse No. 54, Gole Market, Karan Nagar
675AU/21886/GI/46/675Vintage Art & Craft EmporiumGround Floor, Live Star Complex, Rajbagh, Near Modern Hospital
676AU/21890/GI/46/676M/s Shikargah Handloom Kanishawl UnitKanihama, Magam
677AU/21891/GI/46/677M/s Sozni CapsNarwara, Eidgah
678AU/21894/GI/46/678M/s A.H. CraftsChanapora, Nowshara
679AU/21896/GI/46/679Showkat Hussain BhatAl – Huda Colony, Koker Bagh, Mala Bagh
680AU/21899/GI/46/680Tawahida AkhterGund Hassi Bhat, Lawaypora
681AU/21903/GI/46/681Muneeb Nabi DarSaidapora, Eidgah
682AU/21908/GI/46/682The Salaamiya Pashmina Handloom Weaver Industrial Cooperative LtdSaidapora, Eidgah
683AU/21909/GI/46/683Irshad Ahmad TeliSaidapora, Eidgah
684AU/21910/GI/46/684Umar Rehman DevaSyedpora, Eidgah
685AU/21911/GI/46/685Mehraj Ud Din TeeliSyedpora, Eidgah
686AU/21912/GI/46/686Ishfaq Shafi DevaSyedpora, Eidgah
687AU/21914/GI/46/687Mehraj Ud Din WaniSaidapora, Eidgah
688AU/21915/GI/46/688Mohammad Shafi DevaSaidapora, Eidgah
689AU/21916/GI/46/689Tariq Ahmad SheikhAmda Kadal, Lal Bazar
690AU/21919/GI/46/690Fayaz Ahmad DarChatterhama, Hazratbal
691AU/21922/GI/46/691M/s Shah Asian Heritage37, Firdous Colony, Dr. Ali Jan Road, Eidgah
692AU/21944/GI/46/692Zahoor Ahmad DarShalbaf Mohallah, Soura
693AU/21950/GI/46/693Nisar Ahmad DarShalbaf Mohallah, Soura
694AU/21952/GI/46/694Mohammad Yousuf DarShalbaf Mohallah, Soura
695AU/21954/GI/46/695Fatima CraftsParimpora Near Fruit Mandi
696AU/22004/GI/46/696Sangmi CottagesSangam, Eidgah
697AU/22009/GI/46/697Naseer Ahmad DarSaidapora, Achan
698AU/22012/GI/46/698Nazir Ahmad TeliSaidapora, Eidgah
699AU/22013/GI/46/699Nisar Ahmad TeliSaidapora, Eidgah
700AU/22014/GI/46/700Parveez Ahmad BhatTengpora, Zoonimar
701AU/22511/GI/46/701Pashmina VogueFirst Floor, Sheesh Bagh, Hawal, Lane No.B, house No.1
702AU/22517/GI/46/702Rubeena BanoSoibugh
703AU/22519/GI/46/703Kaisar Ahmad BangeeSoibugh
704AU/22521/GI/46/704Bhat Kashmir Arts EmporiumLane No.1, Naseem Bagh
705AU/22524/GI/46/705Kashmir Handloom Arts EmporiumBeshamber Nagar, Near Hotel Saima
706AU/22527/GI/46/706G.M. ShahPoloview
707AU/22530/GI/46/707Parvaiz Ahmad RatherMandibal, Nowshera
708AU/22533/GI/46/708Pashmina. Com LLP1039-Sector 4,
709AU/22537/GI/46/709Amir HussainSyedpora, Achan
710AU/22539/GI/46/710Wani Arts11- Lambert Lane, Residency Road
711AU/22542/GI/46/711Kashmir Pure ArtsSalfia Colony, Batamaloo
712AU/22545/GI/46/712Sheikh Mashkoor AhmadPathan Colony, Zakoora, Gulabagh, Hazratbal
713AU/22548/GI/46/713Trueman24, Poloview

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