Application Details

Application Number 465
Geographical Indications Khasi Mandarin
Status Registered
Applicant Name North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Limited (NERAMAC)
Applicant Address No.9, Rajbari Path, Ganeshguri, G.S. Road,Guwahati - 781 005, Assam, India
Date of Filing 10/12/2013
Class 31
Goods Agriculture
Geographical Area Meghalaya
Priority Country India
Journal Number 63
Availability Date 27/11/2014
Certificate Number 231
Certificate Date 27/03/2015
Registration Valid Upto 09/12/2033

Document Details

Document Name
Document Date
1465 - GI - Renewal Letter - 28-09-2022 28/09/2022
2465 - Certificate of Registration - 27-03-2015 27/03/2015
3465 - GI - Journal Copy - 27-11-2014 27/11/2014
4465 - GI - Reply to ER - Part II - 13-11-2014 13/11/2014
5465 - Reply to Examination Report - 13-11-2014 13/11/2014
6465 - Examination Report - 03-11-2014 03/11/2014
7465 - GI - Minutes of CGM - 03-11-2014 03/11/2014
8465 - Examination Report - 18-08-2014 18/08/2014
9465 - GI - Minutes of CGM - 07-08-2014 07/08/2014
10465 - Reply to FCR by Applicant - 08-05-2014 08/05/2014
11465 - Formality Check Report - 26-03-2014 26/03/2014
12465 - Statement of Case - 10-12-2013 10/12/2013
13465 - Additional Representation - 10-12-2013 10/12/2013
14465 - Affidavit - 10-12-2013 10/12/2013
15465 - Form GI-1 - 10-12-2013 10/12/2013

Authorized User Details

Authorized User No
Authorized User Name
Authorized User Address
1AU/30071/GI/465/1Shai MyrbohH. No. 145, Nongjrong, Village: Nongjrong
2AU/30072/GI/465/2Shek MukhimVillage: Nongjrong, Nengshnong Kharang
3AU/30073/GI/465/3Kjiermai LyngdohSwir Khriam, 95, Pdengshnong, Dienglieng
4AU/30074/GI/465/4Shimti KhriamJ. Lyngdoh, 66, Dienglieng, Post Office: Smit
5AU/30075/GI/465/5Mardalin LyngdomNongdymmiew, Dienglieng
6AU/30076/GI/465/6Swir Khriam95, Dienglieng, Post Office: Smit, Mawkynrew
7AU/30077/GI/465/7Shaidaris Khriam20, Near Aganwadi Centre Pdengshnong, Dienglieng
8AU/30078/GI/465/8Plinda Mawthoh94, Dienglieng, Post Office: Smit, Mawkynrew
9AU/30079/GI/465/9Sianratimon LyngdohDienglieng, Village: Dienglieng
10AU/30080/GI/465/10Phraida Lyngdoh63, Nongdymmiew, Dienglieng, Post Office: Smit
11AU/30081/GI/465/11Baidhhun NongrumNongdymmiew, Dienglieng, Kharang
12AU/30082/GI/465/12Prai KhriamNongdymmiew, Dienglieng, Kharang
13AU/30083/GI/465/13Gracefully NongrumSyniasya, Dong Mowsawa Lemsning
14AU/30084/GI/465/14Nestiful NongrumSyniasya, Dong Mowsawa Lemsning
15AU/30085/GI/465/15Sident RynjahMawrtem Syniasya
16AU/30086/GI/465/16Priska NongrumNengshnong, Syniasya, Umsning
17AU/30087/GI/465/17Maidrer Nongrum32, Syniasya
18AU/30088/GI/465/18Blasibon Kharlukhi71, Nongjrong, Kharang, Mawkynrew
19AU/30089/GI/465/19Listria Lyngdoh47, Nongjrong, Rumshnong, Nongjrong
20AU/30090/GI/465/20Liris LyngdohNongrum, Nongjrong, Dong Wah Shrong Kharang
21AU/30091/GI/465/21Jesibel Lyngdoh83, Nongjrong
22AU/30092/GI/465/22Noben Kharlukhi247, Nongjrong
23AU/30093/GI/465/23Kyrshanborlang Lyngdoh2, Nongjrong
24AU/30094/GI/465/24Mak MukhimPdengshong, Nongjrong, Kharang, Mawkynrew
25AU/30095/GI/465/25Laaieibiang LyngdohNear Catholic Cemetery Nongshiliang Block – 1, Nongthymmai
26AU/30096/GI/465/26Blesha Lyngdoh62, Nongdymmiew, Dienglieng, Post Office: Smit
27AU/30097/GI/465/27Brilmon Rynjah43, Myrtem, Syniasya
28AU/30098/GI/465/28Dropsibon Nongrum74, Nongjrong
29AU/30099/GI/465/29Judy Mary Nongrum74, Nongjrong
30AU/30100/GI/465/30Jroinsing KharkongorH. No. 48, Nongjrong, Village: Nongjrong
31AU/30101/GI/465/31Kolin RangtongH. No. 199, Nongjrong, Village: Nongjrong
32AU/30102/GI/465/32Wontarsing Nongspung97, Nongjrong
33AU/30103/GI/465/33Banshanlang Mukhim120, Dong Mawlein, Nongjrong
34AU/30104/GI/465/34First Bornson NongrumDienglieng, Pdengshnong, Dienglieng
35AU/30105/GI/465/35Jasuklin Nongrum92, Dienglieng, Post Office: Smit
36AU/30106/GI/465/36Daplin LyngdohNongdymmew, Dienglieng, Kharang
37AU/30107/GI/465/37Jeni LyngdohDienglieng, Village: Dienglieng
38AU/30108/GI/465/38Nangrisuk LyngdohDienglieng Near Basic School, Dienglieng, Dong Pdengshnong, Kharang
39AU/30109/GI/465/39Labiangmon Nonghum45, Dienglieng
40AU/30110/GI/465/40Nowis MynsongDienglieng, Kharang
41AU/30111/GI/465/41Nubrilin LyngdohDienglieng, Dong Nongdymmew, Kharang
42AU/30112/GI/465/42Pynshaiborlang SynjriNear Church of God Nongjrong
43AU/30113/GI/465/43Pyntingen LyngdohDienglieng, Near Basic School Dienglieng Dong Pdengshnong, Kharang
44AU/30114/GI/465/44Rijen MukhimNongjrong, Pdengshnong, Nongjrong
45AU/30115/GI/465/45Riskhalin Mawthoh28, Dienglieng, Post Office: Smit
46AU/30116/GI/465/46Shanrilang Kharsati120, Nongjrong
47AU/30117/GI/465/47Slanding KhriamDienglieng, Dong Pdengshnong, Kharang
48AU/30118/GI/465/48Jasynta Nongrum72, Syniasya, Umsning
49AU/30119/GI/465/49Lapoibiang Nongrum223, Nongjrong, Post Office: Smit
50AU/30120/GI/465/50Libonhun Rynjah43, Mystem, Syniasya
51AU/30121/GI/465/51Daphira Nongrum9, Syniasya
52AU/30122/GI/465/52Dmiarda Lyngdoh37, Dienglieng
53AU/30123/GI/465/53Wirdingshon RynjahSyniasya Martem, Syniasya, Umsning
54AU/30124/GI/465/54Pyniohriti Khriam36, Dienglieng, Pdengshnong, Dienglieng
55AU/30125/GI/465/55Ryngkat Lang Rynjah11, Near Catholic Church, Syniasya, Umsning
56AU/30126/GI/465/56Sakharias RynjahSyniasya, Mawrtem, Syniasya, Umsning
57AU/30127/GI/465/57Smilin Rynjah28, Pdengshnong, Syniasya
58AU/30128/GI/465/58Suniata MukhimSyniasya, Mawrtem, Syniasya, Umsning
59AU/30129/GI/465/59Disingstar MynsongSyniasya, Mawrtem, Syniasya, Umsning
60AU/30130/GI/465/60Jmirda KhriamPdengshnong, Dienglieng, Kharang
61AU/30131/GI/465/61Thwian Khriam67, Dienglieng
62AU/30132/GI/465/62North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Limited9, Rajbari Path, G.S. Road, Ganeshguri

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