Application Details

Application Number 466
Geographical Indications Kachai Lemon
Status Registered
Applicant Name North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Ltd (NERAMAC)
Applicant Address 9, Rajbari Path, Ganeshguri, G.S. Road, Guwahati, Assam, India, 781 005
Date of Filing 10/12/2013
Class 31
Goods Agriculture
Geographical Area Manipur
Priority Country India
Journal Number 63
Availability Date 27/11/2014
Certificate Number 232
Certificate Date 27/03/2015
Registration Valid Upto 09/12/2023

Document Details

Document Name
Document Date
1466 - GI - Renewal Letter - 28-09-2022 28/09/2022
2466 - Certificate of Registration - 27-03-2015 27/03/2015
3466 - GI - Journal Copy - 27-11-2014 27/11/2014
4466 - GI - Reply to ER - Part II - 13-11-2014 13/11/2014
5466 - Reply to Examination Report - 13-11-2014 13/11/2014
6466 - Examination Report - 03-11-2014 03/11/2014
7466 - GI - Minutes of CGM - 03-11-2014 03/11/2014
8466 - Examination Report - 18-08-2014 18/08/2014
9466 - GI - Minutes of CGM - 07-08-2014 07/08/2014
10466 - Reply to FCR by Applicant - 15-05-2014 15/05/2014
11466 - Formality Check Report - 26-03-2014 26/03/2014
12466 - Statement of Case - 10-12-2013 10/12/2013
13466 - Additional Representation - 10-12-2013 10/12/2013
14466 - Affidavit - 10-12-2013 10/12/2013
15466 - Form GI-1 - 10-12-2013 10/12/2013

Authorized User Details

Authorized User No
Authorized User Name
Authorized User Address
1AU/7102/GI/466/1Trifed, Ministry of Tribal affairs, RO GuwahatiHouse No.3, 1st floor, behind hotel shiva, UlubariRegistered
2AU/24259/GI/466/2WORCHAN KASHUNG Village: Kachai
3AU/24260/GI/466/3GILCHRIST VASHUM Village: Kachai
4AU/24261/GI/466/4MAYONGAM PHEIRIM Village: Kachai
5AU/24262/GI/466/5CHANSO LOLLY VASHUM Village: Kachai
6AU/24263/GI/466/6CHIPEMHOR KASHUNG Village: Kachai
7AU/24264/GI/466/7ELEM R MAKAN Village: Kachai
8AU/24265/GI/466/8MAYAMI RAMSHANG SHIMRAY Village: Kachai
9AU/24266/GI/466/9K P RINGAMSO Village: Kachai
10AU/24267/GI/466/10KAPANGTHAM SHIRIK Village: Kachai
11AU/24268/GI/466/11NGAHANGAM SHIRIK Village: Kachai
12AU/24269/GI/466/12NINGKHALEM HONGCHUI Village: Kachai
13AU/24270/GI/466/13NINGREIHAN R SHIMRAY Village: Kachai
14AU/24271/GI/466/14P S NGARANSHANG Village: Kachai
15AU/24272/GI/466/15R KUIREIWUNG SHIMRAY Village: Kachai
16AU/24273/GI/466/16R LANTHING KASAR Village: Kachai
17AU/24274/GI/466/17R G G JUST SHIMRAY Village: Kachai
18AU/24275/GI/466/18KANKHUI SHIRIK Village: Kachai
19AU/24276/GI/466/19S CHING Village: Kachai
20AU/24277/GI/466/20RAMREISO WUNGNEM PHEIRIM Village: Kachai
21AU/24278/GI/466/21S.SHIRATYO PHEIREI Village: Kachai
22AU/24279/GI/466/22S SOCHIPEM Village: Kachai
23AU/24280/GI/466/23RAMREISHANG HORAM Village: Kachai
24AU/24281/GI/466/24R. S THEMSOSHANG Village: Kachai
25AU/24282/GI/466/25THEMKHANMUNG HUMAOVillage: Kachai
26AU/24283/GI/466/26THOTYAONGAM R. SHIMRAY Village: Kachai
27AU/24284/GI/466/27TUIREISING VASHUM Village: Kachai
28AU/24285/GI/466/28WONSING KASHUNG Village: Kachai
29AU/24286/GI/466/29YURINSO SHIRIK Village: Kachai
30AU/24287/GI/466/30S HANAH P HURAY Village: Kachai
31AU/24288/GI/466/31MAYAPAM HORAM Village: Kachai
32AU/24289/GI/466/32PHANINGMI SHIRAK Village: Kachai
33AU/24290/GI/466/33PATRISON HORAM Village: Kachai
34AU/24291/GI/466/34YARNING NINGKHALEN SHIRIK Village: Kachai
35AU/24292/GI/466/35RINNGAM KASHUNG Village: Kachai
36AU/24293/GI/466/36R K HORYAO Village: Kachai
37AU/24294/GI/466/37R K MAYONMI Village: Kachai
38AU/24295/GI/466/38R K PHUNGPHA Village: Kachai
39AU/24296/GI/466/39R M YUREISO Village: Kachai
40AU/24297/GI/466/40R S CHONREIMUNGVillage: Kachai
41AU/24298/GI/466/41S TAMREICHAN Village: Kachai
42AU/24299/GI/466/42S. THOTRINSO PHEIREI Village: Kachai
43AU/24300/GI/466/43S K THARPAM Village: Kachai
44AU/24301/GI/466/44S K YAOMI Village: Kachai
45AU/24302/GI/466/45SOMISHON SHIRAK Village: Kachai
46AU/24303/GI/466/46K ZIMRI Village: Kachai
47AU/24304/GI/466/47K YURNGAMCHAN Village: Kachai
48AU/24305/GI/466/48K CHAMI Village: Kachai
49AU/24306/GI/466/49HORNGACHAN HUMAO Village: Kachai
50AU/24307/GI/466/50HONREINGAM RAMSHANG MAKAN Village: Kachai
51AU/24308/GI/466/51H. MAYINGPAM Village: Kachai

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