Application Details

Application Number 68
Geographical Indications Kathputlis of Rajasthan
Status Registered
Applicant Name Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)
Applicant Address Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, West Block No.7, R.K. Puram, New Delhi, New Delhi, New Delhi, INDIA,
Date of Filing 31/08/2006
Class 28
Goods Handicraft
Geographical Area Rajasthan
Priority Country India
Journal Number Supplementary 1
Availability Date 24/03/2008
Certificate Number 76
Certificate Date 10/07/2008
Registration Valid Upto 30/08/2026

Document Details

Document Name
Document Date
168 - GI - Renewal Letter - 10-11-2022 10/11/2022
268 - GI - Reply to Renewal Notice - 21-07-2016 21/07/2016
368 - GI - Renewal Notice - Reminder - I - 02-06-2016 02/06/2016
468 - GI - Renewal Notice - 12-04-2016 12/04/2016
568 - GI - Certificate Map - 10-07-2008 10/07/2008
668 - Certificate of Registration - 10-07-2008 10/07/2008
768 - GI - Journal Copy - 24-03-2008 24/03/2008
868 - Examination Report - 18-03-2008 18/03/2008
968 - Constitution of Consultative Group - 27-10-2007 27/10/2007
1068 - GI - circular and Agenda - 27-10-2007 27/10/2007
1168 - GI - Constitution of Consultative Group - 27-10-2007 27/10/2007
1268 - GI - Constitution of Consultative Group 1 - 27-10-2007 27/10/2007
1368 - GI - CGM - 27-10-2007 27/10/2007
1468 - GI - Meeting of Consultative Group - 27-10-2007 27/10/2007
1568 - GI - Meeting of Consultative Group - 24-10-2007 24/10/2007
1668 - GI - Notice Under Rule 31 of GI Goods (25th Sep 06) - 25-09-2006 25/09/2006
1768 - Form GI-1 - 31-08-2006 31/08/2006
1868 - GI - Letter Enclosing Necessary Documents - 30-08-2006 30/08/2006

Authorized User Details

Authorized User No
Authorized User Name
Authorized User Address
1AU / 1399 / GI /68 / 1Shri. Dayal Nat, RatamGutha Dilthane, Via. Makarana
2AU / 1400 / GI /68 / 2Shri. Radhe Shyam NatGram Gutha Dilthane, Via Makarana
3AU / 1401 / GI /68 / 3Shri. Lakha Ram NatRatam, Gutha Dilthane, Via. Makarana
4AU / 1402 / GI /68 / 4Shri. Vinod NatS/o. Shri. Mangal Nat, Gram - Bagsar, Tehsil: Dedwana
5AU / 1403 / GI /68 / 5Shri. Vicky NatGram - Bagsar, Tehsil: Dedwana
6AU / 1404 / GI /68 / 6Smt. Sushila NatW/o. Shri. Shanu Nat, Madan Master, vijay Band, Behind Tehsil Office, Makrana
7AU/12752/GI/68/7Shri Ajay Bhatt224, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Sing Road
8AU/12753/GI/68/8Shri Akash Bhat86, Kathputli Colony, Jyoti Nagar
9AU/12754/GI/68/9Smt Angoori KumariKathputli Colony
10AU/12755/GI/68/10Shri Anil Bhatt28, New Kathputli Colony, Nandpuri Road
11AU/12756/GI/68/11Smt Anita Bhat37, New Kathputli Colony, Malviya Nagar
12AU/12757/GI/68/12Smt Anju86, Kathputli Colony, Jyoti Nagar
13AU/12758/GI/68/13Shri Ankit BhattB 9, Kathputli Colony, Jyoti Nagar
14AU/12759/GI/68/14Smt Anokhi Devi246, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
15AU/12760/GI/68/15Shri Arjun Bhat236, Katputali Colony, Bhawani Singh Road, Jyoti Nagar
16AU/12761/GI/68/16Shri Arjun Bhat15, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura Road
17AU/12762/GI/68/17Shri Ashok255, Kathputli Colony, Jyoti Nagar
18AU/12763/GI/68/18Shri Ashok Bhatt314, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
19AU/12764/GI/68/19Shri Bablu BhattKathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
20AU/12765/GI/68/20Shri Bablu241, Katputali Colony, Kachchi Basti, Bhawani Singh Road
21AU/12766/GI/68/21Smt Bacchi29, New Kathputli Nagar, JDA Kvatar, Malviya Nagar
22AU/12767/GI/68/22Smt Bachchi255, Kathputli Colony, Kachchi Basti, Jyoti Nagar
23AU/12768/GI/68/23Shri Bala136, Kathputli Nagar, Bhawani Singh Road
24AU/12769/GI/68/24Shri Bali Bhatt126, Kathputali Nagar, Bhawani Singh Road
25AU/12770/GI/68/25Shri Banshi Lal14, New Kathputali Colony, Malviya Nagar
26AU/12771/GI/68/26Shri Banti Bhaat9, New Kathputli Colony, Dispensari Ke Pas, Jagatpura
27AU/12772/GI/68/27Smt Basanti Bhatt241, Kathputli Colony, Kacchi Basti Bhawani Singh Road Secretariat
28AU/12773/GI/68/28Smt Basanti Bhaar237, Kathpulis Nagar, Schiwalay, Kachchi Basti, Jyoti Nagar
29AU/12774/GI/68/29Smt Basanti Bhatt9, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
30AU/12775/GI/68/30Smt Basanti Devi136, Bhawani Singh Road, Secretariate
31AU/12776/GI/68/31Smt Basanti Devi Bhatt307, Kathputli Colony, Secretariat
32AU/12777/GI/68/32Smt Bhagwani Devi95, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
33AU/12778/GI/68/33Shri Bharosi Bhat37, Kathputli Colony, Malviya Nagar
34AU/12779/GI/68/34Shri Bila Bhatt236, Kathputli Colony, Jyoti Nagar Mod
35AU/12780/GI/68/35Shri Birju Bhatt29, Kathputli Nagar, Jagatpura
36AU/12781/GI/68/36Shri Chaman Lal238, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
37AU/12782/GI/68/37Shri Chiranji Lal314, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
38AU/12783/GI/68/38Shri Chothu Bhatt236, Kathputli Colony, Kachchi Basti, Jyoti Nagar Mod
39AU/12784/GI/68/39Shri Deendyal Bhat135, Harijan Kachi Basti, Jyoti Nagar
40AU/12785/GI/68/40Shri Deepak Kumar Bhat120, Kathaputli Colony, Kachhi basti, Bhawani Singh Road
41AU/12786/GI/68/41Smt Deepali Bhat10, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
42AU/12787/GI/68/42Shri Dhana Bhatt237, Kathputali Colony, Kachchi Basti, Jyoti Nagar
43AU/12788/GI/68/43Shri Dilip Bhatt13, New Kathputli Colony, Malviya Nagar
44AU/12789/GI/68/44Shri Ganesh BhatKathputali Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
45AU/12790/GI/68/45Smt Geeta DeviWard No. 16, Kathputli Colony, Jyoti Nagar
46AU/12791/GI/68/46Smt Geeta DeviKathputli Nagar, Kachhi basti Bhawani Singh Road
47AU/12792/GI/68/47Smt Geeta Devi Bhat241, Kathputli Colony, Kachchi Basti, Jyoti Nagar
48AU/12793/GI/68/48Smt Gita Devi238, Kathputli Colony, Kachchi Basti, Jyoti Nagar
49AU/12794/GI/68/49Smt Gogali Devi391, Kathputli Colony, Jyoti Nagar
50AU/12795/GI/68/50Shri Gopal338, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
51AU/12796/GI/68/51Shri Gopi Bhatt224, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
52AU/12797/GI/68/52Shri Gori Bhatt15, Kathputli Colony, Malviya Nagar
53AU/12798/GI/68/53Smt Guddi Devi854, Kachchi Basti, Bhawani Singh Road
54AU/12799/GI/68/54Smt Guddi Devi6, New Kathputali Colony, Jagatpura
55AU/12800/GI/68/55Shri Hari BhatKathputli Colony, Jagatpura Road, Malviya Nagar
56AU/12801/GI/68/56Smt Heena Bhat37, Kathputali Colony, Malviya Nagar
57AU/12802/GI/68/57Shri Jagdish136, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
58AU/12803/GI/68/58Shri Jagdish194, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
59AU/12804/GI/68/59Smt Jyoti BhattKathaputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road, Jyoti Nagar
60AU/12805/GI/68/60Shri Kali Charan Bhat241, Kathputli Colony, Kachchi Basti, Jyoti Nagar
61AU/12806/GI/68/61Smt Kamla 136, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
62AU/12807/GI/68/62Smt Kanta Devi98, Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
63AU/12808/GI/68/63Shri Karan Bhat164, Kathputli Colony, Kachchi Basti, Jyoti Nagar
64AU/12809/GI/68/64Smt Kavita238, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
65AU/12810/GI/68/65Shri Kuldeep Bhat14, Kathputli Colony, Kachchi Basti, Malviya Nagar
66AU/12811/GI/68/66Shri Billu Bhath224, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
67AU/12812/GI/68/67Smt Laxmi Bahat118, Kathputli Colony Bhawani Singh Road, Secretariate
68AU/12813/GI/68/68Smt Laxmi SahuNew Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
69AU/12814/GI/68/69Shri Mahender Bhat246, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
70AU/12815/GI/68/70Shri Mahendra Kumar Dhanka27/4, Balmiki Colony, Malviya Nagar,
71AU/12816/GI/68/71Smt Mamta Bhatt149, Kathputli Nagar, Bhawani Singh Road
72AU/12817/GI/68/72Smt ManaviKathputli Colony, Kachhi Basti, Bhawani Singh Road
73AU/12818/GI/68/73Shri Mangi Lal Bhat314, Kathputli Colony, Jyoti Nagar
74AU/12819/GI/68/74Smt Manju Devi28, New Kathputali Colony, Malviya Nagar
75AU/12820/GI/68/75Smt Manju Devi314, Kathputli Colony, Kacchi Basti, Secretariat
76AU/12821/GI/68/76Smt Maya Bhaat27, Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
77AU/12822/GI/68/77Smt Meena13, New Kathputli Colony Ward No. 28, Jagatpura
78AU/12823/GI/68/78Smt Meena Bhath126, Kathputali Nagar, Bhawani Singh Road
79AU/12824/GI/68/79Smt Meena Butt139, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road, Jyoti Nagar,
80AU/12825/GI/68/80Smt Meena DeviKathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
81AU/12826/GI/68/81Smt Mohani178, B.S. Road Kathputlis Colony
82AU/12827/GI/68/82Shri Mukesh Bhat314, Kathputali Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
83AU/12828/GI/68/83Shri Mukesh Bhatt9, New Kathputli Colony, Malviya Nagar
84AU/12829/GI/68/84Shri Nand Lal294, New Kathputli Nagar, JDA, Jagatpura
85AU/12830/GI/68/85Shri Nathu Bhat86, Kathpuli Colony, Jyoti Nagar
86AU/12831/GI/68/86Shri Neha308, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
87AU/12832/GI/68/87Shri Nokariya178, B.S.Road Katputil Colony
88AU/12833/GI/68/88Shri. Pappu241, katputali colony, Kachchi Basti, Bhawani Singh Road
89AU/12834/GI/68/89Shri.Pappu Lal98, Kathputil Colony, Sanganer
90AU/12835/GI/68/90Shri.Pappu Bhat133, Kathputali colony, Bhawani Singh Road
91AU/12836/GI/68/91Smt.Parmeshwari Devi31, New Kathputli colony
92AU/12837/GI/68/92Shri. Pavan Bhatt149, Kathputli colony, Bhawani Singh Road, Jyothi nagar
93AU/12838/GI/68/93Shri.Pintu Bhatt172, Kathputli colony, Jyoti Nagar
94AU/12839/GI/68/94Shri. Piyush Bhat33, New Kathputli Colony, Malviya Nagar by pas, Jagatpura
95AU/12840/GI/68/95Smt. PoojaNo.239, Bhawani Singh Road, Kathputli Nagar
96AU/12841/GI/68/96Smt. Pooja37, Kathputail Colony, Kachchi Basti, Jagatpura
97AU/12842/GI/68/97Shri. Prem19, Nandpuri, New Kathputli Nagar, Malviya Nagar
98AU/12843/GI/68/98Shri. Prem338, Kathputil Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
99AU/12844/GI/68/99Smt. Prem Devi13, New Kathputil Colony, Jagatpura
100AU/12845/GI/68/100Smt. Poonam Devi31, New Kathputli colony
101AU/12846/GI/68/101Shri. Rahul Bhat6, New Kathputli colony, Jagatpura
102AU/12847/GI/68/102Shri. Rajesh Bhat9, Kathputli Colony, Malviya Nagar
103AU/12848/GI/68/103Shri. Raju278, Kathputli colony, Bhawani Singh Road
104AU/12849/GI/68/104Shri. Rakesh 133, Kathputli colony, Kachchi Basti, Jyoti Nagar
105AU/12850/GI/68/105Shri. Rakesh Bhatt133, Kathputali Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
106AU/12851/GI/68/106Shri. Ram Dayal17, New Kathputli Colony, Sanganer, Malviya Nagar
107AU/12852/GI/68/107Shri. Ravi Bhatt31, Kathputli colony, Malviya Nagar
108AU/12853/GI/68/108Smt. Rawina18, Gandhi Nagar, Sikar
109AU/12854/GI/68/109Smt. Rekha Dhulkr4, New Kathputali colony, Jagatpura
110AU/12855/GI/68/110Shri. Roshan Lal Bhat10, Nandpuri Colony Kathputli Colony, Malviya Nagar
111AU/12856/GI/68/111Shri. Rukmani Devi10, New Kathputli colony, Malviya Nagar
112AU/12857/GI/68/112Smt. Rukmani SahuKathputli colony, Kachhi Basti, Malviya Nagar
113AU/12858/GI/68/113Shri. Sachin Bhatt9, New Kathputali colony, Malviya Nagar
114AU/12859/GI/68/114Smt. Sada Devi120, Kathputli Colony, Kachchi Basti, Bhawani Singh Road
115AU/12860/GI/68/115Shri.Sanjay194, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
116AU/12861/GI/68/116Shri.Sanjay Bhat37, Kathputali colony, Kachchi Basti, Jagatpura
117AU/12862/GI/68/117Smt. Sanju17, New Kathputali colony, Malviya Nagar
118AU/12863/GI/68/118Smt. Santra Devi13, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
119AU/12864/GI/68/119Shri. SantoshNew Kathputli Colony, Ward No.28, Malviya Nagar
120AU/12865/GI/68/120Shri.Santosh Kumar15, New kathputli Colony, Sanganer
121AU/12866/GI/68/121Smt. Seema BhattKathputli Colony, Manoharpura, Malviya Nagar
122AU/12867/GI/68/122Shri. Shankar Bhat31 JDA kwart dispensary ke pas, Chatrasaal
123AU/12868/GI/68/123Smt.Shanti Devi35, New Kathputali colony, Malviya nagar
124AU/12869/GI/68/124Smt. Shimal229, Kathputli Colony, kachhi basti, Bhawani Singh Road
125AU/12870/GI/68/125Shri.Jagdish255, Kathputli Colony, Kachchi Basti, jyoti Nagar
126AU/12871/GI/68/126Shri. Ranjit194, Kathputli colony, Bhawani Singh Road
127AU/12872/GI/68/127Shri. Shubham Bhatt13, New kathputli colony, Jagatpura
128AU/12873/GI/68/128Shri.Sonu Bhatt31, New, kathputli Colony, Dispensary ke pass
129AU/12874/GI/68/129Shri.Sumitra Devi164, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani singh road
130AU/12875/GI/68/130Shri. Surendra258, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh road
131AU/12876/GI/68/131Shri.Suresh264, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
132AU/12877/GI/68/132Shri. Suresh Bhatt120, Kathputli nagar, Jyoti nagar, vidyut Bhawan
133AU/12878/GI/68/133Smt. Sushila228, kathputli colony, Bhawani Singh Road
134AU/12879/GI/68/134Shri.Tikam224, Katputali Nagar, Bhawani Singh Road
135AU/12880/GI/68/135Smt. Usha Devi245, Katputali Colony, Kachchi Basti, jyoti Nagar
136AU/12881/GI/68/136Shri.Vicky Bhat35, Kathputali Colony, JDA, Jagatpura
137AU/12882/GI/68/137Smt. Vidya Devi239, Bhawani Singh Road, Katputli Nagar
138AU/12883/GI/68/138Shri. Vijay248, Kathputli colony, Jyothi nagar, Bhawani singh road
139AU/12884/GI/68/139Shri.Vijay Bhatt236, Katputali Nagr, High Court Road
140AU/12885/GI/68/140Shri.Vijendar Kumar DhulkarNew kathputli colony, Jagatpura Road, Malviya nagar
141AU/12886/GI/68/141Shri.VikashKathputli Colony, Jagatpura
142AU/12887/GI/68/142Smt.Vimla Devi392, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
143AU/12888/GI/68/143Smt.Vimla Devi14, New Kathputali Colony
144AU/12889/GI/68/144Smt.Vimala Devi16, New Kathputli colony, Sanganer
145AU/12890/GI/68/145Smt.Vimla Regar10, New Kathpurali Colony, Jagatpura Road
146AU/12891/GI/68/146Smt.Vinit Bhatt33, New Kathputli Colony, Malviya Nagar, jagatpura
147AU/14326/GI/68/147Shri Ashraf24, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
148AU/14327/GI/68/148Smt Alera Begam62, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
149AU/14328/GI/68/149Smt Sahinoor31, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
150AU/14329/GI/68/150Smt LilaKalakar Colony, Panipech
151AU/14330/GI/68/151Smt Monwara KhatunPema Harish Chandrapura, Malda
152AU/14331/GI/68/152Smt Sumitra BhatPlot No. 6, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
153AU/14332/GI/68/153Smt Alirum30, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
154AU/14333/GI/68/154Shri JagdishKalakar Colony, Panipech
155AU/14334/GI/68/155Shri Raju Bhat6, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
156AU/14335/GI/68/156Smt GangaKalakar Colony, Panipech
157AU/14336/GI/68/157Smt GuddiKalakar Colony, Panipech
158AU/14337/GI/68/158Shri Kalu BhatKalakar Colony, Panipech
159AU/14338/GI/68/159Smt LaliKalakar Colony, Panipech
160AU/14339/GI/68/160Shri Kailash BhatKalakar Colony, Panipech
161AU/14340/GI/68/161Smt Saliya KhatoonT. B. Hospital
162AU/14341/GI/68/162Smt Ruksar Khatun30, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
163AU/14342/GI/68/163Smt Rabika Begam311, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
164AU/14343/GI/68/164Shri Darul Islam31, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
165AU/14344/GI/68/165Smt Alera ParveenKalakar Colony, Panipech
166AU/14345/GI/68/166Smt Fatima51, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
167AU/14346/GI/68/167Smt Vimla41, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
168AU/14347/GI/68/168Shri Pintu45, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
169AU/14348/GI/68/169Smt Puja67, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
170AU/14349/GI/68/170Shri Shrawan44, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
171AU/14350/GI/68/171Smt Pooja Bhat68, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
172AU/14351/GI/68/172Shri Lakshman37, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
173AU/14352/GI/68/173Shri Vicky58, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
174AU/14353/GI/68/174Smt Devli37, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
175AU/14354/GI/68/175Smt Sanjudi Devi71, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
176AU/14355/GI/68/176Shri Manju113, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
177AU/14356/GI/68/177Shri Raj Kumar304, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
178AU/14357/GI/68/178Smt Billa58, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
179AU/14358/GI/68/179Shri Pawan Kumar Bhat41, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
180AU/14359/GI/68/180Smt Jetudi76, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
181AU/14360/GI/68/181Shri Kishor Bhat39, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
182AU/14361/GI/68/182Smt Santosh112, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
183AU/14362/GI/68/183Shri Nathu Lal41, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
184AU/14363/GI/68/184Smt Maya Devi74, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
185AU/14364/GI/68/185Smt Laxmi Devi304, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
186AU/14365/GI/68/186Smt Salena KhatunKalakar Colony, Panipech
187AU/15044/GI/68/187Smt. Jyoti Devi122, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
188AU/15045/GI/68/188Smt.Kumari Vijay25, Kathputli Colony, Jyoti Nagar Road
189AU/15046/GI/68/189Smt.Bimla Devi137, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
190AU/15047/GI/68/190Smt.Gita327, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
191AU/15048/GI/68/191Smt.Guddi Devi288, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
192AU/15049/GI/68/192Smt.Bimla Devi Bhat35, New Kathputli Colony, Malviya Nagar
193AU/15050/GI/68/193Smt.Lalli DeviJDA Quwater, Swasthya Kendra, Jagatpura
194AU/15051/GI/68/194Smt.Maya DeviKathputli Colony
195AU/15052/GI/68/195Smt.Satu Devi28, New Kothpuli Colony, Jagatpura
196AU/15053/GI/68/196Shri.Vinod26, J.D.A. Quarter Dispensari Ke Pass, Chatrashal Nagar, Jagatpura
197AU/15054/GI/68/197Shri.Ashok Bhat28, New Kathputli Colony,Despensari Ke Pass,J.D.A. Kvatar,Malviya Nagar
198AU/15055/GI/68/198Smt.Manu DeviPlot No: 27, Kathputli Colony, E-W-S QTR
199AU/15056/GI/68/199Shri.Manoj Kumar Bhatt34, Jda Colony Nandpuri, Jagatpura
200AU/15057/GI/68/200Smt.Sushila Devi34, New Kothpuli Colony, Nandpuri
201AU/15058/GI/68/201Smt.Geeta27, New Kothputli Colony, Jagatpura
202AU/15059/GI/68/202Shri. Nakshatra Batt314, Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
203AU/15060/GI/68/203Smt. Maya Bhat42, Jda, Kathputli Colony Jagatpura
204AU/15061/GI/68/204Smt.Rajali Devi94, New Kothputli Colony, Jagatpura
205AU/15062/GI/68/205Smt.Geeta Devi314, New Vidhan Sabha Balavani Singh Road
206AU/15063/GI/68/206Shri.Rencho43, Jda, Kathputli Colony Jagatpura
207AU/15064/GI/68/207Smt Bachchi DeviKathputli Nagar, Kachchi Basti, Bhawani Sing Road
208AU/15065/GI/68/208Shri Banwari255, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Sing Road
209AU/15066/GI/68/209Shri Raju BhatKathputli Colony, Bhawani Sing Road
210AU/15067/GI/68/210Smt SayariKathputli Colony, Bhawani Sing Road
211AU/15068/GI/68/211Shri Ganpat BhatKalakar Colony, Shastri Nagar
212AU/15069/GI/68/212Shri Lala Bhat42, JDA Kathputli Colony
213AU/15070/GI/68/213Shri Nanu Ram BhatKathputli Nagar, Jyoti Nagar Mod
214AU/15071/GI/68/214Shri Kishan Bhat42, JDA Kathputli Colony
215AU/15072/GI/68/215Shri Madan Lal147, Bhawani Singh Road, Jyoti Nagar
216AU/15073/GI/68/216Shri ShaniNew Kathputli Nagar, Malviya Nagar
217AU/15074/GI/68/217Smt Jyoti219, Kathputli Nagar, Bhawani Sing Road
218AU/15075/GI/68/218Smt Pooja DeviKathputli Kachchi Basti, Bhawani Singh Road
219AU/15076/GI/68/219Smt Narvada334, Kathputli Kachchi Basti, Bhawani Singh Road
220AU/15077/GI/68/220Smt Kaveri40, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura Road
221AU/15078/GI/68/221Smt Mamta264, Kathputli Colony, Kacchi Basti Bhawani Singh Road, Secretariat
222AU/15079/GI/68/222Smt Vimla256, Kathputli Basti, Bhawani Singh Marg, Jyoti Nagar
223AU/15080/GI/68/223Smt HemlataJaipur
224AU/15081/GI/68/224Smt Shanti DeviSahid Harijan, Kachchi Basti
225AU/15082/GI/68/225Smt Kamla168, Bhawani Singh Road, Secretariat
226AU/15083/GI/68/226Smt Shanti Devi224, Kathputli Nagar, Jyoti Nagar
227AU/15084/GI/68/227Smt Anjali Bhat288, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
228AU/15085/GI/68/228Smt Babli Devi43, Chatrashal Nagar, Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
229AU/15086/GI/68/229Shri Sanjay41, Kathputli Colony, Sarkari Despensari Ke Pass, Jagatpura
230AU/15087/GI/68/230Smt Jyoti Bhat42, Jda Qtr Sarkari Asptal, Jagatpura
231AU/15088/GI/68/231Smt Bhagwani DeviKathputli Colony, E-W-S Otr, Nandpuri Plot 37
232AU/15089/GI/68/232Smt Manavi315, Kathputli Nagar Kacchi Basti, Bhagwan Singh, Jagatpura
233AU/15090/GI/68/233Smt Anjali16, New Kathputli Colony, Kacchi Basti, Manoharpura
234AU/15091/GI/68/234Shri Kuku Bhat16, Sarkari Dispensary, Kathputli Colony, Manoharpura, Malviya Nagar
235AU/15092/GI/68/235Smt Seema Bhat40 Ward No. 35, Jda, Kathputli Colony, Malviya Nagar
236AU/15093/GI/68/236Smt Sunita38, Kathputli Colony, Malviya Nagar
237AU/15094/GI/68/237Smt Rajani68, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
238AU/15095/GI/68/238Smt Shvari Bhatt41, Jagatpura, New Kathputli Colony
239AU/15096/GI/68/239Shri Arjun Bhat15, New Kathputli Colony, Malviya Nagar
240AU/15097/GI/68/240Shri.Bintu9, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
241AU/15098/GI/68/241Shri. Raj Kumar304, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
242AU/15099/GI/68/242Smt. Hina33, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
243AU/15100/GI/68/243Shri. Mohd Gorul30, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
244AU/15101/GI/68/244Shri. Sameer Shek45, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
245AU/15102/GI/68/245Smt. Gulbasa BanoGauria Mallik Pora Malda
246AU/15103/GI/68/246Shri. Mansoor Ali31, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
247AU/19059/GI/68/247Pooja BhattKathputli Colony Kacchi Basti Bhawani Singh Road
248AU/19060/GI/68/248Sanjay Bhatt17, New Kathputli Nagar, Malviya Nagar
249AU/19061/GI/68/249Madan BhattKathputli Colony, EWS QTR, Plot No. 33
250AU/19062/GI/68/250Muktar Ali30, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
251AU/19063/GI/68/251Kasmeera30, Kalakar Colony, Panipech
252AU/19064/GI/68/252Vimla Devi Bhatt35, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
253AU/19065/GI/68/253Prem Devi19, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
254AU/19066/GI/68/254Badami Devi38, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
255AU/19067/GI/68/255Pintu Bhatt37, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
256AU/19068/GI/68/256Manju Devi27, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
257AU/19069/GI/68/257Manvi315, Kacchi Basti, BS Road
258AU/19070/GI/68/258Lalli Devi99 JDA Quater, Jagatpura
259AU/19071/GI/68/259Bhagwani Devi37, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
260AU/19072/GI/68/260Bhawani Devi32, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
261AU/19073/GI/68/261Mukesh Bhatt31, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
262AU/19074/GI/68/262Anjli16, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
263AU/19075/GI/68/263Kisan Bhatt41, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
264AU/19076/GI/68/264Sunita38, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
265AU/19077/GI/68/265Shayari Bhatt41, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
266AU/19078/GI/68/266Banasari29, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
267AU/19079/GI/68/267Kailashi Devi34, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
268AU/19080/GI/68/268Jaggu Bhatt40, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
269AU/19081/GI/68/269Kamla Devi40, New Kathputli Colony, Jagatpura
270AU/19441/GI/68/270Madan LalBhanwata
271AU/19442/GI/68/271Arti MeghwalBhanwata
272AU/21766/GI/68/272Kamla Devi265, Jyoti Nagar
273AU/21767/GI/68/273Sarvan BhattAllu Factory Kathputli Colony, Udhyog Bawan
274AU/21768/GI/68/274Manju Devi Bhar360, Kathputli Basti, Bhawani Singh Road
275AU/21769/GI/68/275Aarti Bhat239, Bhawani Singh Road
276AU/21770/GI/68/276Rajni Bhar226, Katputli Colony, Jyoti Nagar
277AU/21771/GI/68/277Sarju261, Kathputli Nagar, Jyoti Nagar
278AU/21772/GI/68/278Bichi DeviHathi Tiba, Ward No. 18, Sikar
279AU/21773/GI/68/279Maya BhatAllu Factory Kathputli Colony, Udhyog Bawan
280AU/21774/GI/68/280Chanda DeviAllu Factory Kathputli Colony, Udhyog Bawan
281AU/21775/GI/68/281Saroj Devi340, Kathputli Colony, Bhawani Singh Road
282AU/21776/GI/68/282Santosh BhatAllu Factory Kathputli Colony, Udhyog Bawan
283AU/21777/GI/68/283Sunita DeviBhawani Singh Road
284AU/21778/GI/68/284Rakesh BhatKathputli Nagar, Jyoti Nagar
285AU/21779/GI/68/285Manju DeviBhawani Singh Road
286AU/21780/GI/68/286Bahadur Bhat264, Bhawani Singh Road
287AU/21781/GI/68/287Shrawani Devi960, Kathputli Colony
288AU/21782/GI/68/288Santra Devi960, Kathputli Colony
289AU/21783/GI/68/289Raju Bhat960, Kathputli Colony
290AU/21784/GI/68/290Pintu Bhat334, Kathputli Colony
291AU/21785/GI/68/291Dinesh BhatHarijan Basti, Jyoti Nagar
292AU/21796/GI/68/292Prahlad Bhat311, Kathputli Nagar
293AU/21797/GI/68/293JyotiKathputli Nagar, Jyoti Nagar
294AU/21798/GI/68/294Raja BhatKathputli Nagar, Jyoti Nagar
295AU/21799/GI/68/295Anil BhatKathputli Nagar, Jyoti Nagar
296AU/21800/GI/68/296Raju Bhat139, Kathputli Nagar
297AU/21801/GI/68/297Nathu Lal86, Kathputli Kachhi Basti, Bhawani Singh Road
298AU/21802/GI/68/298Kamla Devi224, Kathputli Colony, Jyoti Nagar
299AU/21803/GI/68/299Rajli Bhat252, Bawani Singh Road
300AU/21804/GI/68/300Harish BhatKathputli Nagar, Jyoti Nagar
301AU/21805/GI/68/301Vikash Bhat238, Kathputli Colony, Jyoti Nagar

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